Unleashing Smart Marketing Automation for Success

Author: samanvya Published on: August 31, 2023

In today’s digital world, it’s a no-brainer that marketers must step up their game with their marketing strategy. The competition is tough, and the landscape changes drastically every minute. That’s why smart marketing automation is now becoming increasingly important to be able to stand out from your competitors.

Gone are the days when marketers manually sent emails or posted social media updates regularly. It might have worked before, but it’s no longer optimal today. In recent years, a swarm of technologies that boasts smarter automation tools has emerged in the market, like CleverTap – a trusted solution for many businesses worldwide.

CleverTap is one of those platforms that’ll take your marketing strategy to another level by offering personalized and engaging interactions with your customers throughout their journey.

Here’s how you can unleash smart marketing automation on CleverTap:

Step 1: Create Unique Customer Segments

It all starts by analyzing your customer data, which includes behavior patterns across various communication channels such as email clicks, app usage analysis, browsing history, etc. On CleverTap, creating unique segments based on this data will let you personalize messaging and offers suited for each specific group of customers.

If you’re not yet doing this segmentation practice regularly (or at all), then it’s time for you to upskill yourself. Better understand who really engages with your brand—create personas from clear-cut datasets made available by doing thorough research—and evaluate how each segment reacts differently when presented with different contexts/messages/offers/CTAs.

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Step 2: Set Up Automated Workflows

After defining customer segments’ profiles and preferences engagingly–automation comes next through a collaborative effort from teams involved in designing workflow processes based on intended audience groups in tandem with relevant metrics so that you know what works best in delivering ROIs!

It helps map out ideal buyer journeys customized into separate workflows personalized by targeted customer segments’ attributes such as interests, location, or type of device one uses. You can then send them personalized messages based on their behavior with your website and app once connected with CleverTap and notify your sales team to follow up on any contact attempting to make a purchase.

Step 3: Measure the Metrics that Matter

Track everything about how your customers engage with you using CleverTap’s smart automation tools, measure performance metrics across different platforms, track revenue generated through various campaigns, and ensure that it all links back to ROI numbers.

Focusing specifically on critical key performance indicators (KPIs), such as conversion rates for specific segments/initiatives within workflows, could reveal insights into audience target segments needing optimization for better messaging.

Step 4: Read & Optimize Your Data Regularly 

After implementing targeted workflows, it is time to evaluate its overall performance over time against set KPIs. Analyzing data over periods would unveil customer behavior maybe before gaps appear. This insight will allow you to tweak your messaging strategy to suit customers’ needs better. But this comes after noting patterns evidenced in data collected by CleverTap.  

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Tools like A/B testing which allows testing out two variations of messaging, effective CTA buttons or offers, may help in message optimization while setting up feedback surveys incorporated into several communication channels could aid in presenting new ideas for content creation, inspiring consumer loyalty and retention from positive findings allowing enhancement in workflow functions strengthening triggers meant for improving customer experience.

Step 5: Continuously Improve Workflows Over Time

Marketing Automation should never be viewed as static. Continuous process improvements must be made over time, ensuring constant improvement and keeping everything in tandem with changing landscapes. Choose the right partners, such as Clevertap, who continually enhance AI capabilities helping predict future trends, thus granting early foresight advantage of creating leading-edge marketing strategies ahead of competitors.

In conclusion:

Smart automation is an ever-evolving field where marketers constantly seek new ways to innovate and delight customers through the right channels and tailored messaging. In today’s business climate, having the right tools is more important than ever.

By integrating solutions such as CleverTap into your marketing strategy, you can unleash innovative ideas that will take your customers on a seamless journey of engaging with your brand, improving overall value in their experience and, thus, profits. 

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Take charge of your automation game- learn more about Clevertap and other innovative solutions & continue unlocking personalized experiences that transform leads into loyal customers. 

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