Twitch has tightened gambling information distribution rules

Author: mindmingles Updated on: January 14, 2024

Popular streaming platform Twitch announced stricter rules for the dissemination of information on gambling. The basis of the new package of rules will be a ban on referral links to slots, roulette and other products of the gambling industry. By this the company seeks to protect its users from potential cheaters and malicious content.

Thus, Twitch will prohibit the use of referral tags (affiliate links) to gambling entertainment sites with the intention of making the platform much less profitable for those streamers who regularly broadcast their own game of online slots.

A spokesperson for the platform commented on the situation: “In order to prevent harm and fraud, which is often found on gambling sites, we have decided to impose a ban on the distribution of various kinds of referral links to certain resources. This list includes all sites that offer online slots, roulette and similar gambling entertainment to visitors.”

He added: “We will continue to monitor the platform for prohibited content. The Twitch team is willing to update its own tools regularly if the situation demands it. We are giving all streamers time to remove relevant content from their channels. This requirement must be met by August 17, 2021. Otherwise, enforcement action will be taken.

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It is important to note that among the users of the streaming platform Twitch fierce disputes over the legality and adequacy of the new rules of the service. Some are of the opinion that such a policy will prove to be correct, as it will protect the users. Others argue about the imminent loss of most of their revenues and the collapse of contractual obligations with best paying casino online 2023 operators.

Recall that the company Yggdrasil announced its entry into the gambling market in Slovakia.

Why its happened?

The global online petition platform in the U.S. called on major companies to remove their advertising from the streaming service Twitch and contribute to a ban on gambling on it. The news was reported on May 25 by

The authors of the petition addressed to NVIDIA, McDonalds, PepsiCo, Electronic Arts and warned that their advertising can be shown during the broadcast games at unlicensed online casinos. They also point out that many illegal gambling platforms allow minors access to their services, which is totally unacceptable and violates all ethical norms.

Twitch freely promotes gambling, thus causing irreparable damage to the young audience, and solid companies allow their ads during such broadcasts. This needs to change, the petition’s authors are convinced.

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Also the appeal cites some sad statistics: 10 million U.S. residents are addicted to games and one in five of them has attempted suicide. Despite the undoubted relevance of the raised issues and topicality of the topic, only 500 people have put their signature under the petition so far. 

For reference: is an online platform for civic initiatives created in the United States. It is available in 18 languages in 12 countries. It is not an official body.

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