Top 6 Reliable Poker Strategies to Win Real Money on the Best Online Casino Apps in India

Author: varsha Published on: December 14, 2023

As soon as you hear the word Poker, the first thing that comes to mind is bluffing and lying. This impression has stemmed from some reality that you cannot ignore. Poker is one game that involves a lot of careful calculation and patience. You cannot win a game of Poker if you cannot learn to calculate the moves of the other players or understand their next steps. It is also a game of probability that teaches you to judge the next steps of the other players and make the right moves in order to win big. 

If you are thinking about winning at poker in the long run, you cannot discount the importance of learning some tricks and strategies that can increase your chances of winning real money. Poker is all about understanding the game, the cards, the bowl, and the regulations of the hand of cards. Once you know that, you must use your mind and psychological abilities to make the right decisions. With this, you can ensure a win and reduce your chance of losing the game. 

The top poker winners of the industry have taken years of experience and knowledge of the strategies to win a big deal of money since their entrance into the gaming industry. The game requires a lot of patience as well, which will help you make the right calls. There is no space for haste and emotions in poker. The game is all about skills and outsmarting the other players on the board. Whether you are interested in playing poker online or on the traditional casino tables, the rules are more or less the same. Your primary concentration should be understanding the gameplay beforehand, making the right calls, and being patient with your cards. 

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Poker also includes several variations. It is important to have sound knowledge and skill in these variations if you are thinking of ruling the industry or winning some real money at the poker game. Some tournaments can be really overwhelming. But if you have the correct knowledge of the strategies, you can walk out of a game as a big winner. The higher the stakes, the higher your chances of winning. Let’s check out the top strategies that are used by professionals in the Poker Game at the best casino apps in India:

  1.   Play Less Hands but Play Aggressively:

The first strategy of poker is to win fewer hands, but the ones that you actually play should be played aggressively. Having a sure-shot pre-flop poker strategy is the best way to win and increase your bottom line. It is easy and fast to win real money at poker this way. Playing a few hands is always a good choice otherwise, you may be giving away a lot of chips from your stack. It is very easy to know these strategies, but following them might not be as easy as it sounds. 

  1. Don’t be the First Player to Limp

If you are the first player to enter the pot at a round of Poker, then limping should be the last thing on your mind. Limping can also be understood as calling the big blind pre-flop. The primary reason for the same is the fact that you cannot win a pot before the flop because there would not be enough money contributed to it as yet. Limping should only be done when one other player has limped and not before that. If there are multiple players, you are not exactly likely to win the pot if you call your shots too early. 

  1. Fast Play the Strong Hand to Build the Pot
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If you have a good hand of cards with you, then you should bet your strong hands so that the pot has more money in it, and in turn, you get that money when you win the round. But be careful about the cards that the other players might have. It is not necessary that you would always have the highest set of cards with you. 

  1. Fold If You are Not Sure

If you are not sure about the cards that you have and if you can make the estimation that the other players have a better set of cards, then you must decide to fold. It is not advised that you keep playing poker rounds even if you have bad cards. This can lead to a higher loss of money in the long run. It is better to put down your cards in the beginning and wait for the next round. This is the biggest difference between a bad player and a professional. An experienced player would always know when to fold and when actually to play a hand of cards. 

  1. Play Solid Poker Early in Tournaments

At the beginning of the Poker Tournaments, you can easily play fast and aggressively. In the earlier stages of the tournament, you do not have to preserve your stack, but you have to build it. If you take up an aggressive strategy, you are likely to build a strong number of stacks for yourself to be a player in the long run. If you think that your stack is going downhill in the beginning itself, then you should think about playing the game in survival mode only. But this will not take you very far in the long run. 

  1. Never Force Yourself to Play
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The most important factor about playing poker or any casino game is to remember that the games are to be played primarily for the sake of enjoyment. Poker should be seen as a fun experience or a hobby. Even if you are a professional poker player and exceptional in it, you must play only to enjoy yourself. If you have too much at stake and you are expecting too much out of a poker hand, you are bound to make mistakes in haste. 

The best strategy at poker is to know the rules, practice as much as you can, and keep improving yourself without involving any emotions. 



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