Tips for Beginners in the World of Live Sex Cam Shows

Tips for Beginners in the World of Live Sex Cam Shows
Author: sweety Published on: July 7, 2023

Cam models often take a lot of time to transform themselves and set up their broadcast space before they go live. This is because the proper setup can make all the difference in a model’s performance.

As a viewer, you can help a model feel like she’s on top of the world by being respectful and generous. These pointers will help you accomplish that.

Know Your Limits

Many cam sites require performers to submit a government-issued ID for age verification. They will also have other requirements, such as having a computer, HD webcam, and high-speed Internet. Additionally, they will need a place to perform and suggest equipment such as sex toys.

Most models will let you know their limits and specialties via their profile on the site. Some will even list their fetishes and kinks. It would help if you constantly communicated with the model respectfully and consensually.

Remember that while interacting with clients and cracking jokes is fun, you must remember you’re there to make money. If you don’t, the client may leave your room to a competitor’s. To maximize your earnings, consider working several cam sites simultaneously.

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Keep Your Eyes Open

Respect the model unless you are talking to a model who is into being submissive and wants to boss you around. They are experts that are very knowledgeable in their field. They also don’t want to be mansplained about how things work, especially if they do not show you tips.

Most cam site performers have various interests, so don’t assume they are all into the same thing. For instance, some models might be into feet and hands fetishes, while others might love to play with boobs.

Some models will ask for a specific amount of gold (their token currency) to perform particular actions, so make sure you have enough before going into a private show. Other models will show you their prices per activity up front, making it easy to determine whether you can afford a particular experience. The more you interact with a model and give her gold, the more she will be excited about spending time with you. For your reference, you can visit, and they’ll give you the best model.

Don’t Be Afraid to Participate

One thing that sets cam sites apart from regular porn sites: they depend on participation. Without people chatting and tipping, they would have no reason to exist. Even if you’re not into the erotic part of things, there are numerous options to get involved: ask the model for a tit, tell her about your kinky or fetish, or use the chat function to flirt with her.

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A good sense of humor and cracking jokes are vital to keeping the audience entertained. However, don’t forget that you are in a show to make money and that serious work is also essential.

Some models recommend working on multiple sites simultaneously to maximize revenue. However, this is controversial and should be done with caution. Having too many accounts can be overwhelming for the models. Additionally, it can be a significant turnoff for viewers when they simultaneously see the same model on multiple platforms.

Don’t Be Afraid to Tip

Many cam models make their money from user tips. While not always required, tipping is a great way to show a model you enjoy her. If you want to increase your chances of a private show with your favorite performer, offer a tip before she begins her chat.

The passing of SESTA and FOSTA has dramatically impacted the livelihoods of many performers. The law, intended to stop sex trafficking online, has effectively prevented models from engaging in sexually explicit acts on their sites.

In the wake of these changes, many models have turned to sex-related websites for extra income. These sites have lower prices for both public and private shows and can be a great place to start if you’re getting into the world of live sex. Just be aware that the content is NSFW and should only be watched privately by an approved partner with complete knowledge of the scene.

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