The Techniques of Winning First-Person Shooter Esports Games

Author: samanvya Published on: August 27, 2023

Playing First Person shooter esports games requires lots of skill, time, and dedication. Esports are a competitive form of online gaming, which means you would be playing against other opponents. In this situation, your skill and how good your opponents are determines who wins. Therefore, mastering and owning your technique goes a long way in Esports games, especially First Person Shooter. 

Technological advancements in the gaming industry have led to the creation of many Esports game titles. It has successfully combined the world of sports and the online gaming industry, and gamblers now have access to these gaming options on the top eSports betting sites. The fusion of cutting-edge technology, intriguing gameplay, and the ability to link sports, online gaming, and gambling has propelled FPS titles to the forefront of the esports industry. This article reveals some techniques players can employ to win first-person shooter esports games when playing on crypto betting sites. 

How to Dominate Your Opponents when Playing FPS Shooter Esports Games

Practice makes perfect when playing FPS games. The best players in the industry tend to do the same thing repeatedly until it becomes muscle memory. They take time developing every area of their game till it is perfect. Here are a few techniques to help you win FPS esports games. 

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● Study Your Map For Hideouts and Blindspots

FPS games are highly competitive; you might play a losing game if your opponent is incredibly skilled. Using your surroundings to your advantage in situations like this is best. Study game maps and find points on the map where you have a higher ground against your opponent. Figure out blindspots and places where you can camp to get maximum kills. 

Other players usually frown upon camping in FPS shooter games, but they’ve done it at some point in their gaming history. Besides, the goal is to win and not to look cool. The perfect way to study a map is by playing the practice or demo mode on Bitcoin betting sites. Most FPS games have a practice arena for players to train, which is the perfect way to study your map. However, you can also do it during gameplay but try to avoid getting sidetracked. 

● Choose The Right Weapon

Your choice of weapon is significant in FPS games because, most times, victory depends on who has the better weapon. Test the various weapons from the armory and choose the most suitable one for your loadout. When trying out weapons, watch out for their recoil, size of ammunition, firing range, and rate. 

Customize your favorite to suit your gameplay and make necessary upgrades when needed. For this reason, most pro players usually spend days in the weapons section of any new FPS game they are playing, testing and customizing it to suit their taste. 

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Also, selecting your weapon based on the mission type and map is essential. Using long-distance weapons on a small map is a recipe for disaster. Such maps call for weapons like pistols or submachine guns because they can cause maximum damage at close range. Therefore, it is advisable to have a favorite for every weapon type. 

● Make Use of Your Resources

A good FPS gamer depends on not only his weapon but also the resources at his disposal. The game developers have added these resources to increase the game’s dynamic nature. Every FPS game has resources specific to its game design. FPS shooter games give players additional resources like grenades, health packs, and more. Undoubtedly, during the heat of battle, most players would forget about them. So, to increase your chances of staying alive and winning on the crypto betting sites, use your resources. 

Familiarise Yourself with the Controls

Delay is a defeat when playing FPS games, so players must master their controls and react quickly. Take time to familiarise yourself with the game controls, and know the right button to press in certain situations. For gamers playing on screens of crypto platforms, ensure the controls are within your reach. 

● Play as a Team

Teamwork makes the dream work. It is a vital part of any First person shooter game and the key to victory. They don’t necessarily have to clamp together, but they can move in groups. In FPS games that require participation with other players, it is best to avoid going on solo runs. Always watch the back of your teammates, and be ready to offer help.  

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● Tweak Your Sensitivity 

An issue that affects many FPS gamers without their knowledge is their game sensitivity. Watch out for things you do not want or feel should be better during gameplay. For example, if you are unsatisfied with how your camera moves on the Bitcoin platform, you can easily change it from the settings. 

Game sensitivity covers player movement, game speed, and other in-game features. Sensitivity affects gameplay differently, so players must find the sweet spot perfect for their gameplay. 

Popular Esports First-Person Shooter Games

Numerous First-person shooter Esports games in the industry offer strategy and fast-paced action to players. These games come with quality graphics and features that leave players glued to their screens when playing on Bitcoin platforms. Some popular first-person shooter esports games include Counter-Strike: Global Offensive, Battlefield Series, Overwatch, Rainbow Six Siege, Call of Duty Series, Valorant, and Apex Legends. 

These FPS shooter esports games are very competitive, with a very lucrative sum available for whichever team emerges the winner. Numerous tournaments are held annually on several FPS games, which are the highlight of every FPS gamer and are available on the best crypto platforms. 


The evolution of first-person shooter esports is a testament to online gamers’ resilience, passion, and innovation worldwide. Esports can unite cultures worldwide, cutting across language and geographical barriers. Furthermore, the excitement of FPS esports and their availability on Bitcoin is a phenomenon that always inspires and benefits, whether you’re a participant, a fan, or an observer.

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