The Captivating Slots and How to Choose the Best Fit

You may probably wonder why all casinos, both online and walk-ins, feature slot machines. Some casinos go all out to offer more machines with different colors, skins, and even storylines. Why are slots so important to casinos?

Another interesting question that may puzzle you is why so many people play slots. Some players can’t seem to get enough, moving from one machine to another. What is the mystery behind the slot machines?

Slots were not always referred to by this phrase. Some earlier gamers called it the ‘Fruit Machines’ due to the traditional images that formed the spinning reels. Later it was dubbed the ‘slot machine’ in cue of the two slots used to insert coins or where they fall out during a win.

Slot machines have been around for a long, long time. Some stories date back to the early 1600s, while others claim the magical origin of the game. There is even a popular story crediting the Chinese for the invention, with reference to a Chinese songbook. However, one known historical account does go back to 1894 and maybe the closest in terms of dates.

Leading up to the 1984 debut of the first slot machines, a businessman named Charles Fey, created a mechanical game. Fey entitled the apparatus The Liberty Bell and it became the model for our modern games.

Notably, there have not been many changes to the physical machines. They are similar to Feys’ invention. They mostly port three columns with three rows. The winning alignment is in the middle row and must have at least two common items.

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Modern casinos have added columns and rows.  Some slot machines now feature four rows with four columns or three rows with four columns. However, they still maintain the winning alignment algorithm. After each spin, the items or tokens are displayed in a straight line.

In addition, the machines are now attractive with popular themed designs that tell a story or relate to popular movies or lore. The items now display various symbols, and images from fruits to weapons or public figures.

Digital Slot Machines

At the end of the 20th century, slot machines became more popular and besides visible enhancement became digital. This allowed for newer types of machines with easier handles and faster reloads. The spin wheels were no longer mechanical gears, but now computerized images and tokens. 

The process allowed better management with increased efficiency. Slot machines became smaller, easier to transport, and less expensive. The market expanded and every supermarket or corner store had one.

The very first video slot machines rolled off the production decks in Las Vegas in 1976. The Fortune Coin Co. changed the way machines worked and functioned.

Online Casino Slots

One of the very first games to comprise the online casino was slot machines. Considered the pioneering four, online casino software only showcased Slots, blackjack, baccarat, and poker. Other games were added and 

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In 1996 gaming software developer Microgaming launched the first online casino software. The slots featured the famous ‘reel ‘em in’ slots skin.

There are many types of slots offered in online casinos. From special creations such as Narco Slots, to the most commonly used. Here is a small list

  • Penny Slots.
  • Vegas Slots.
  • Classic Slots.
  • Megaways Slots.
  • Bonus Games.
  • Progressive Jackpots.
  • Fruit Machines.

Special Slots: These skins are created by the software provider or in conjunction with the casino

  • Bovada (Arrogant Pirates): Best for classic slot games.
  • Everygame (Legend of Helios): Top pick for 5-reel slots.
  • Slots Empire (Popinata): Best casino theme.
  • Wild Casino (Tower Fortuna): Best for crypto slots.
  • El Royale (Asgard): 50+ free spins.

Best Paying Slots: According to the Miami Herald these are the highest paying slot machines found in popular online casinos.

  • White Rabbit (97.72%)
  • Medusa Megaways (97.63%)
  • Guns N’ Roses (96.98%)
  • Blood Suckers 2 (96.94%)
  • Jimi Hendrix (96.9%)
  • Butterfly Staxx (96.8%)
  • Dead or Alive (96.82%)
  • Fruit Shop (96.7%

How to Choose Online Slots

The mystery surrounding the human love for slots is still unsolved. Some players believe it has been an intrinsic part of the human culture since the late 1800s. Others point to the ease of play and the fast pace of gameplay. Maybe it has to do with the low risk.

Whatever may be the reason, people love slots. That makes it one of the most played casino games of all time. If you must play, here are some important points to consider when choosing your slot machine.

  1. Verify that your online casino is licensed and regulated. This ensures that you will get paid. One good way is to visit watchdog and rating websites such as online slots Philippines.
  2. Make sure that the casino offers multiple slots and skins. Playing the same machine can become boring and there is just not much fun to it.
  3. Look for the jackpot. Most casinos offer a progressive jackpot that allows users to cash in big on slots.  Make sure that your casino offers one.
  4. Fairplay. Casinos can be rigged so that you hardly win. However, there is a governing body that regulates casinos that ensures that there is fair play with your money. 
  5. Slot bonuses. Casinos lure their players in with free spins or jackpot entries. These are great for slot lovers. 
  6. Mobile betting. Not all casinos offer mobile gaming. If you plan to use your smartphone then you should verify that there is a mobile betting option.
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Slot machines remain the most played online casino game and this will explain the high investment from betting firms. These outfits do much to ensure that players enjoy their visit to their slot lounge. Special perks include cash bonuses, free spins, and best of all, jackpots.

The industry will keep adding new games such as live casinos but won’t find one that will challenge the slots. We are hooked to it one way or another, and these slot machines will be there long after we are gone.



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