The Best Books for Online Poker

Are you looking to get better at online poker games? Endlessly circulating the same online resources? It might be time to go offline and get some help from the written word to help you succeed when you next log on to play online cash poker games.

Fundamentals of Playing Online Texas Hold’em Poker – Mike Matteo, 2019

Self-described as a: ‘Complete Guide from Getting Started Online to Becoming a Winning Online Poker Player’ this book by Mike Matteo is a great starting point for anyone wanting to learn more about the winning fundamentals when it comes to online poker games. Released in March 2019, this book looks to help the reader establish their preferred playing sites, game strategy and even how to spot online tells.

Texas Hold’em Poker: Win Online – Paul Mendelson, 2005

Paul Mendelson’s 2007 release might look a little dated by the time of publication but the messages within are still as relevant today as they were back when first written down. Sure some of the sites have changed but the player management theories can still benefit anyone wanting to improve their game. One of the key features is its section on finding the best opponents that you can realistically beat, without being a better player than them.

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Online Ace: A World Series Poker Champion’s Guide to Mastering Internet Poker – Scott Fischmann, 2006

Written by poker legend Scott Fischman, this is essentially the story of his poker career and how the reader can apply the same tactics to their online play. As well as that there are a few interesting tips on how players can convert their online game to success to live games in the casino.

Harrington on Online Cash Games: 6-Max No-Limit Hold ’em – Dan Harrington & Bill Robertie, 2010

Dan Harrington and Bill Robertie take the reader on a journey in this mammoth 540+ page publication, where they share key ideas and concepts on how to play online poker games and be successful at them. Dan Harrington of course has pedigree on the subject matter winning at the 1995 World Series of Poker. The book goes into detail on how opponents typically react and how others should act in turn. It is worth noting however that the ideas shared in this book are best suited to six-player tables.

Winning at Internet Poker For Dummies – Chris Derossi & Mark Harlan, 2005

The ‘For Dummies’ range has been known and popularised for its simplistic approach to introducing challenging topics to those who are complete beginners. This edition is no different, as it broaches the subject of playing and succeeding at online poker games. The terminology might bit of a nod to the past but the ideas from this 2005 release still offer valuable information to the contemporary reader.

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Crushing Online Sit and Go’s – Greg Jones, 2013

Greg Jones is unreservedly ambitious with their 2013 book, as they wants to turn complete poker novices into winning players within five weeks. They reckon this publication can do it. The blurb offers such emotive language that readers will be able to ‘crush online games’ after they acquire the knowledge from this book.

Essential Poker Math – Alton Hardin, 2016

While not strictly for online poker, this book from poker player and coach Alton Hardin covers a lot of poker metrics that can be applied to both live and virtual games. The book wants to educate the reader about some of the mathematics within poker including expected value, odds, odds probability and whether or not your bluff is worth executing. Any reader will pick up some interesting pointers to fine-tune their game going forward.

Every Hand Revealed – Gus Hansen, 2008

As one of the more outlandish and unusual poker players, Gus Hansen has an interesting story to tell, well more than one! The ‘Madman’ from Denmark has scope for a sequel or at least a second edition as he arguably won his biggest accolade two years after the book’s publication in 2008.

Winning Poker Tournaments One Hand at a Time – Eric Lynch, Jon Van Fleet & Jon Turner, 2016

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As three prolific online poker winners, Eric Lynch, Jon Van Fleet and Jon Turner have some expertise in winning a hand or two of poker. Some reviews state that reading this book is a little bit like attending a masterclass on how to win at poker. It’s a decent shout considering it covers a wide array of poker topics. The best thing is that if you like this one, you can follow up your reading with both the second and third volumes released in this series.


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