Teri Woods True To The Game

Teri Woods True To The Game
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True to the Game is a famous book author by Teri Woods. This book was published on June 1, 1999. This book story is like this: This book’s main character’s name is Gena & she is really in love with Quadir who is a millionaire. Junior Mafia combating with Quadir to stop extortion from the inner city streets of Philadelphia. Quadir & Gena both are caught up in the vicious & seductive & world of bad things & money. And it’s not easy to win money in this game. You can read more you search on google about this book. Buy This Book From Amazon.


True To The Game 2 Book Free Online

True To The Game 2 is the second part of True To The Game. This book has totally 3 series. This second part has an audio clip online. You guys can search it on google. We can’t share this here due to terms & conditions. This book has good reviews on AMZ. True To The Game 2 began from the ending scene on True To The Game 1. Jay is seen by Gena. Though Gena little knew him before. After Quadir death Gena is in a love with Jay. But Jay comes here to revenge for his friend’s death with the one who killed him. But he didn’t like to lurk. But only true love can protect him. Find out more by searching on youtube.

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Teri Woods True To The Game 3

This is the last part of this book. This book has more good reviews than part 1 & part 2. This book’s story is like this: The 3rd & most explosive installment of the groundbreaking faithful the sports trilogy will take you on a marathon race through the mean streets of Philly. beginning where the second installment s dramatic cliffhanger left us, faithful the sport III finally reveals Gena s mysterious stalker and savior, also introduces a replacement killer so vicious, so cunning, so ruthless he’ll have you ever looking over your shoulder.

The crooked cops are checking out the cash and Gena s relations are now the target for Gena, who s hiding from everything and everybody because the race is on for Gena s survival. Will she manage to stay the money? Can she get out of town and make a replacement life for herself? and can her family survive the maniacal killer that’s hell-bent on tracking her down? Will Gena stay faithful to the game?

Teri Woods True To The Game 3
Teri Woods True To The Game 3



Teri Woods All Book List

  • True to the Game
  • True to the Game II
  • True to the Game III
  • Dutch
  • Dutch II: Angel’s Revenge
  • Alibi
  • Deadly Reigns II
  • Angel
  • Predators
  • Deadly Reigns
  • Dutch III: International Gangster
  • Deadly Reigns III
  • Deadly Reigns: Library Edition
  • Alibi II Nard’s Revenge
  • NY’s Finest: Masquerade
  • The Readers’ Advisory Guide to Street Literature
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