Susan Dey Boyfriend

Susan Dey Young Picture

Susan Dey Boyfriend

Susan Dey is a very beautiful lady who is a professional actress & model. Currently, Susan Dey is 68 years old & she is single. At her young age, Susan Dey has a lot of Boyfriends. 

But on the Internet & newspaper, we just see that she had only one boyfriend. And his name is Dale McRaven. They started their relationship in 1970. And in 1973, they break up for some problem.

Dale McRaven is a Screenwriter. And they meet each other to making a movie. Dale McRaven was born on March 15, 1939, in the USA. Currently, he is 82 years old.

Susan Dey Old Age Picture
Susan Dey Old Age Picture


Susan Dey BioData

Real Name Susan Hallock Dey
Gender Female
Birth Date December 10, 1952
Age 68 Years
Birth Place Pekin, Illinois, United States
Nationality American
Height 1.7 M
Weight 50 KG
Net Worth $5 Million


Susan Dey Husband

Lenny Hirshan:

Susan Dey had two husbands. Her first husband’s name is Lenny Hirshan. Susan Dey married Lenny Hirshan in 1976.

  • Lenny Hirshan was born on December 27, 1927, in New York, New York, United States.
  • Lenny Hirshan died on January 31, 2014, in Beverly Hills, California, United States.
  • Susan Dey divorced Lenny Hirshan after 5 years of their married life in 1981. 
  • They have a child. And her name is Sara Dey-Hirshan.
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Bernard Sofronski:

Bernard Sofronski is the second husband of Susan Dey. 

  • Bernard Sofronski was born in 1940, Coatesville, Pennsylvania, USA.
  • Bernard Sofronski is 81 years old now.
  • Bernard Sofronski married Susan Dey in 1988.
  • Bernard Sofronski is a Theatrical producer.


Susan Dey Dating Now

Susan Dey is now 68 years old. And it’s clear that currently, she is not dating anyone at this age. But if you check Susan Dey Young Picture. Then you can guess that how many proposals she got in her life.


Susan Dey All Children

Susan Dey has just one child. And her name is Sara Dey-Hirshan. In November 1978, she was born in the USA. Currently, she is 42 years old. 

  • Sara Dey-Hirshan Father Name: Lenny Hirshan
  • Sara Dey-Hirshan Mother Name: Susan Dey
  • Sara Dey-Hirshan Aunt Name: Leslie Smith


Susan Dey Instagram

Every month a lot of people search on Google about Susan Dey Instagram. But she doesn’t have an official Instagram account. But you may see some fake account by her name. Which are not even active profiles. And I think she doesn’t open an IG account at this age. 


Susan Dey Twitter

Like IG, she doesn’t have a Twitter account too. All are fake profiles of her name on the Internet. But you can bookmark our website to get updates about Susan Dey. Susan Dey BF.


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Susan Dey Facebook

She doesn’t use a Facebook account too. But you can find some fake pages where people are using her name to gets followers.


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