Sergey Tokarev and SET University: Obtaining a Master’s Scholarship

Author: samanvya Published on: August 16, 2023

Sergey Tokarev, the founder of SET University and Roosh, actively promotes new educational opportunities and talks about them on social networks, in particular on Facebook. Thus, he announced a new opportunity for a master’s scholarship that will cover up to 90% of the cost of education.

According to Sergey Tokarev, this program is designed for 10 students who want to develop in the IT field.

The desire of Sergey Tokarev and SET University to increase the number of grant places and provide substantial assistance with tuition fees helps to strengthen the country’s position in technological innovation. Now, Ukrainians have a unique opportunity to realize their potential and become sought-after specialists in the international technological environment.

SET University provides students of cybersecurity and computer science courses with an exceptional opportunity to delve into the study of various aspects such as cybersecurity, blockchain, and artificial intelligence. Some of the training modules aim to explain the important processes of technology project management.

According to Sergey Tokarev, the partnership between SET University and the UC Berkeley Fisher Center for Business Intelligence opens up completely new perspectives for students. The new entrepreneurial programs provide unique opportunities to apply your knowledge and skills in the field of innovation and business.

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Through these programs, students have the exciting opportunity to choose between two exciting options for their thesis: building a university accelerator-backed start-up or developing an innovative IT solution for a technology company. This practical experience allows them to apply their theoretical knowledge to real projects and rise to a new level of professional development.

Sergey Tokarev and SET University have demonstrated their concern for various social groups by providing five valuable scholarships for each of the study programs. Servicemen of the Armed Forces of Ukraine and the National Guard of Ukraine, regardless of their status, are eligible to participate in the competition—they can be either active employees or already in the reserve or retired. In addition to them, children of combatants, as well as ambitious Ukrainian women striving for success in the field of information technology, get a chance to receive scholarships. We did not forget about the assistance to internally displaced persons who temporarily left the territories subjected to occupation or hostilities. The deadline for applications is September 1, 2023.

Previously, Sergey Tokarev noted that he initiated and sponsored 5 places in the scholarship program for Masters and MicroMasters students, which provides full tuition coverage. The businessman stressed that education is the key to a bright future, and today every contribution to it is an important step in the restoration of Ukraine.

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SET Scholarship is a charitable initiative that aims to provide Ukrainians with the opportunity to receive an IT education. Scholarships are funded by both individuals and companies. SET University plans to expand the scholarship program to attract more citizens and organizations interested in supporting education and making it more accessible to all Ukrainians.

SET University has partnered with the UC Berkeley Fisher Center for Business Intelligence at the University of California, Berkeley to provide free business intelligence training, Confident Leadership in an AI World, for Ukrainian women. The event will take place offline in Kyiv, Ukraine from 30 August and will last for three days.

As Sergey Tokarev says, led by Gauthier Vasseur, director, and professor at the UC Berkeley Fisher Center for Business Intelligence, the workshop will provide business leaders with the knowledge to apply data science and analytics to strategic development. The event “Lead confidently in the world of AI” is available for women citizens of Ukraine with IDP status, representatives of the Armed Forces of Ukraine and the National Guard, as well as founders of economic or charitable projects. Registration is open until 18 August.

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