Ranking the Best NFL Games 

Author: varsha Published on: January 17, 2024

The NFL is one of the most popular leagues in the world and there are many reasons why the competition attracts a global audience. American football may be the national sport in the US, but the thrills and drama that the sport provides has seen interest grow across the globe.

Each game brings its share of drama, but some are anticipated more than others. Huge rivalries exist within the NFL and these matchups are the best that the league has to offer.

New York Giants vs New York Jets

The reasons for the rivalry between these two teams is obvious. The Giants and the Jets share a city and, since the 1984 season, they also share a stadium. Both have traditionally been strong franchises with five Vince Lombardi trophies between them, so the annual Super Bowl odds will list the sides near the top of the market.

The Jets and the Giants compete in different NFL Conferences, so their meetings are infrequent, but the clashes are highly anticipated. They are also closely fought and, in the 15 games played up to and including the 2023 season, the Giants had won eight and the Jets seven.

The most memorable game between the two sides came in 1988. It was the final tie of the regular season and the Giants needed to win to cement a playoff place. The Jets had already been eliminated from postseason contention, but they won the game to earn the satisfaction of spoiling the party for their great rivals.

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Chicago Bears vs Green Bay Packers

The rivalry between the Bears and the Packers is thought by many to be the biggest in the NFL. It’s a historic one too, as these teams are among the most established in the sport, and each has gained a high level of success over the years.

This is the oldest rivalry in the NFL and it’s also the most prolific. Since their first meeting back in 1915, the Chicago Bears and the Green Bay Packers have played each other more than 200 times. Green Bay have the best overall record, while one of the most crucial match ups between the sides came at the end of the 2020 regular season. 

Both franchises needed to win on order to guarantee a place in the playoffs, but it was the Packers who emerged triumphant via an emphatic 35-16 scoreline.

Pittsburgh Steelers vs Baltimore Ravens

Historically, there hasn’t been a great tradition between these two teams, but the Steelers vs Ravens rivalry has exploded into life in the 21st century. Both teams play in the North Division of the AFC, so they compete every season, and this is said to produce the most intense and physical games in the entire league.

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NFL games rarely show a lack of discipline, but this is an exception.  The most memorable game between the two franchises came on Thanksgiving Day 2013. The Ravens won by the narrow scoreline of 22-20, after they denied a last-minute two-point conversion.

Dallas Cowboys vs Washington Commanders

The Cowboys and the Redskins are natural enemies, so this rivalry was always likely to be intense. Washington’s NFL franchise was previously known as the Redskins, and the ill-feeling between these franchises dates to 1960 when Dallas was an aspiring expansion team.

The Redskins voted to block their entry into the NFL and a rivalry was born. Since 1961, the sides have been placed in the same division, so they now play each other twice every season. Accusations of gamesmanship and incidents off the field have fueled a rivalry which some outlets claim to be the biggest in the NFL.

New York Giants vs Philadelphia Eagles

This is a rivalry that extends far beyond the sports arena. Citizens of New York and Philadelphia have a long-running feud which dates back to early trading times, when New York emerged as a better location for sea-based imports.

That bad blood has extended to the football field where the Giants and the Eagles have produced some thrilling games over the years. The most memorable match betweem the two came in 1978 and it became known as the Miracle at the Meadowlands. With the Giants leading 17-12 going into the final seconds, they fumbled. The Eagles’ Herman Edwards picked up the loose ball and ran it home for the game-winning touchdown.

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Rivalries can exist for a number of reasons. Often, the two teams involved are close to each other geographically. They may play in the same state or even in the same city.

Other memorable match ups can occur because the teams have met in a vital game, and a debatable call has cost one of the sides a win. Perhaps there is even a tradition of Super Bowl clashes between the two franchises.

Whatever those reasons may be, they have produced historic NFL rivalries which will continue to entertain and fascinate fans for many more seasons to come.




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