Path of Exile – Trial of the Ancestors League: Mastering the Winning Strategy

Author: varsha Published on: December 20, 2023

Succeeding in Trial of the Ancestors League is about more than just brute strength; it’s about smart, strategic play. This guide will walk you through an effective strategy to not only win but also win quickly, optimizing your time and maximizing your earning potential in PoE currency.

Embrace Your Role as the MVP

  1. Active Participation: Remember, while this league draws from auto-battler mechanics, your active role is crucial. You can’t solely depend on your AI Warriors to clinch victory.
  2. Dynamic Involvement: Use your freedom to apply pressure where needed, and your Escort warriors will aid in your efforts. This flexibility is your key advantage.

Prioritize Objective Control Over Combat

  1. Efficient Tactics Over Raw Power: It might be tempting to rely on high DPS to overpower the enemy, but this approach is less effective. Enemy Warriors in Trial of the Ancestors are notably resilient.
  2. Strategic Objective Focus: As you progress and your rank increases, enemy attacks become deadlier. Instead of engaging in prolonged combat, focus on controlling the battlefield and targeting key objectives.
  3. Totem Destruction: A quick and strategic way to win is by focusing on destroying Totems. Eliminating a Totem removes its associated Warrior from the trial, speeding up your victory.

Utilizing Currency and Resources

Invest Wisely: Utilize Path of Exile currency to enhance your character and Warriors, ensuring you have the necessary resources to execute this strategy effectively.

Resource Management: Balance your spending between improving your character and acquiring strategic advantages in Trials. Every currency spent should contribute to a more efficient and faster victory.

Mastering the Art of Winning

  • Adaptability is Key: Stay adaptable and ready to change your approach as you face different challenges in the Trials.
  • Continuous Learning: Keep learning and evolving your strategy. The Trial of the Ancestors League is dynamic, and so should be your approach to it.
  • Share and Collaborate: Engage with the community to exchange strategies and experiences. This collaboration can lead to discovering new tactics and methods to succeed.
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By focusing on strategic objective control and efficient use of your role as the MVP, you can conquer the Trials quickly and effectively. Remember, in the world of Path of Exile, how you play is just as important as the power you wield. Good luck, and may your victories be swift and rewarding!

Optimizing Banishing Tactics in Trial of the Ancestors

Winning the Trials in the Trial of the Ancestors League swiftly hinges on a strategic approach to banishing totems. This guide will elaborate on how to effectively use this tactic, and how incorporating PoE trading can enhance your strategy.

Focus on Early Totem Banishment

  1. Create a Numbers Advantage: Start by targeting enemy totems early to gain an advantage in numbers. This approach allows you to snowball into more totem destructions, reducing the enemy’s combat efficacy.
  2. Back-to-Front Banishing Strategy: Many enemy Warriors focus on attacking rather than defending their totems. Use this to your advantage by starting with the totems furthest away from the frontline. This strategy often leaves these totems undefended, making them easier targets.
  3. Target Defender Totems First: Begin each battle by circling around to the enemy’s rear and targeting the Defender totems. Once these are banished, the path to attacking the remaining totems becomes significantly easier.
  4. Deal with Problematic Warriors: After dealing with the Defender totems, focus on any particularly troublesome enemy Warriors, then move on to banishing Flanker Totems.
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Prioritize Flankers and Escorts in Your Team

  1. Team Composition: For this strategy to work effectively, ensure your team is composed of strong Flankers and Escort Warriors. These roles align with your goal of quickly banishing totems.
  2. Utilize PoE Trading: Enhance your Flankers and Escorts by trading for better gear and upgrades using Path of Exile’s trading system. A well-equipped team can significantly speed up your totem banishing process.
  3. Balance in Roles: While focusing on Flankers and Escorts, don’t neglect the Attacker and Defender roles entirely. A balanced team can buy you the necessary time at the start of the match.

Leverage PoE Trading for Enhanced Performance

Upgrade Equipment: Use PoE trade to acquire superior equipment for your Warriors, especially those in Flanker and Escort roles.

Trade for Resources: Trade for items that can boost your character’s efficiency in banishing totems, such as speed enhancers or items that provide stealth or distraction.

Stay Informed: Keep an eye on PoE trading forums and websites to stay updated on the latest gear and strategies that can aid in your Trials.

By combining these banishing tactics with effective use of the PoE trading system, you can significantly increase your success rate in Trials. Remember, a well-planned approach and a well-equipped team are key to dominating in the Trial of the Ancestors League.

Crafting Your Build for Triumph in Trials of the Ancestors

Mastering Trials of the Ancestors isn’t just about the strategy; it’s also about tailoring your build to maximize efficiency in these battles. While direct combat isn’t the primary focus, the right build can significantly streamline your totem banishing process. Here’s what to consider:

  1. Simultaneous Attack and Banish Capabilities
  • Key Advantage: Builds capable of attacking while banishing totems offer a crucial edge. You’ll be engaging in combat and banishing simultaneously, enhancing efficiency.
  • Ideal Builds: Totem and Minion builds excel here, as they handle combat while you focus on totem banishment. Alternatively, setups with Mirage Archer and Brands can be effective, especially for crowd control (CC) while banishing.
  1. Effective Crowd Control (CC)
  • Strategy: Keeping defenders at bay while banishing their totems, without necessarily eliminating them, is a tactical approach.
  • CC Tools: Consider incorporating Slow, Knockback, Chance to Flee Support, Void Sphere, and Temporal Chains into your build. This method lets you control the battlefield, allowing for uninterrupted totem banishing.
  1. Emphasis on Evasion and Avoiding Hits
  • Survival Tactic: As enemies can deal significant damage at higher ranks, focusing on evasion and hit avoidance is crucial. Being hit interrupts your banishing action.
  • Defense Mechanisms: Aim for capped Spell Dodge, high Evasion, and use of Blind. At extremely high ranks, combine these with capped Block and Spell Block to mitigate the risk of being interrupted or one-shot by enemies.
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While the strategy for Trials of the Ancestors is important, the effectiveness of your approach significantly hinges on your build. By focusing on simultaneous attack and banish capabilities, effective crowd control, and a strong emphasis on evasion, you can navigate the trials more efficiently and successfully.

For more insights and updates on Trials of the Ancestors, check out other sections of this guide. Stay tuned for future updates, and feel free to share your discoveries or feedback. Good luck, and enjoy your journey through the Trials of the Ancestors!

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