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Author: varsha Published on: December 20, 2023

In OSRS, Wintertodt presents a unique and engaging challenge that stands apart from the usual quests and battles you may encounter. This boss is more than just a test of your firemaking skills; it is an adventure that blends survival with teamwork.

Wintertodt is not merely a diversion; Firstly, it is an excellent way to gain Firemaking experience, often considered one of the faster methods in the game. Additionally, the rewards you can reap from participating in Wintertodt, such as resources and unique items, are highly beneficial for your progression in the game. The experience isn’t solely limited to Firemaking; you also gain minor experience in other skills like Woodcutting, Fletching, Construction, and Herblore.


Preparing for Wintertodt is crucial for your success. Having a Firemaking level of at least 50 is advisable, although higher levels provide a better experience. Warm clothing is a must to withstand the biting cold of the Wintertodt arena; the more pieces of warm clothing you wear, the better your resistance to the cold. Furthermore, stocking up on food is essential for maintaining your health during the game. Remember, the better your preparation, the longer you can withstand the harsh conditions of Wintertodt and reap its rewards. Thus, embarking on this icy challenge is a test of skill but also of preparation and endurance.

As you prepare to face the icy challenge of Wintertodt in Old School RuneScape, it’s important to equip yourself adequately for this unique endeavor. Wintertodt is a test of your endurance and a measure of your preparation and strategic planning.

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Starting with skill levels, achieving at least level 50 in Firemaking and Woodcutting is highly recommended before venturing into Wintertodt. This level ensures you are adequately prepared to engage effectively in the activities there. While Firemaking is the primary skill used, having decent levels in Woodcutting, Fletching, and Construction can also be beneficial, enhancing your overall experience and efficiency in the game.

Even though it is not a hard requirement, you should complete Druidic Rituals and buy a player-owned house before going to the Wintertodt.

Warm Clothing

In terms of equipment, warm clothing is essential. The frigid environment of Wintertodt can drain your health quickly, and each piece of warm clothing reduces this cold damage. Items like the Fremennik kilt, earmuffs, or a fire cape can serve as suitable warm gear. Also, remember to bring ample food, as it will be crucial to maintain your health during the game. The lower your HP, the better it will be since you will have to consume less and less expensive food, making sure you save as much OSRS GP as possible. An excellent food for Wintertodt is wine because it heals for a medium amount of Health points, but it is cheap because it lowers your attack. Wine is an excellent pick since you won’t use your attack skill when fighting the Wintertodt.


Wintertodt is found in the northern reaches of Great Kourend. You can use various methods such as games necklaces, which offer a direct teleport to the Wintertodt Camp, or the Lovakengj Minecart Network, which requires some favour in the Lovakengj House.

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Wintertodt Fight

As you embark on the Wintertodt boss fight in Old School RuneScape, understanding its mechanics and strategies is crucial for success. Wintertodt is not a traditional boss fight; instead, it’s a battle against the elements, where your firemaking skills are your greatest weapon. You must cut bruma roots, fletch them into kindlings, and then use them on the braziers. Occasionally, you must repair the brazier, which will give you construction XP if you have a POH, and heal the pyromancer. Woodcutting is used to gather bruma roots, the fuel for the braziers. Fletching can create bruma kindling from these roots for additional points and experience.


For practical strategies, teamwork is vital. Working with other players to keep as many braziers lit as possible is the most efficient way to reduce Wintertodt’s energy. Additionally, strategically using bruma kindling can significantly boost the rate at which Wintertodt’s energy is depleted. It’s also important to manage your health, as Wintertodt’s cold will constantly damage you. Keeping a steady supply of food and healing when necessary will ensure you stay in the fight longer.

Avoidable Attacks

It is crucial to pay attention to Wintertodt’s attacks, like the snowfall and brazier explosions, and move accordingly to avoid them. This keeps you safer and allows for uninterrupted contribution to the team’s efforts. By mastering these mechanics and strategies, you position yourself as a participant in the Wintertodt boss fight and as a key player in the battle against the cold.

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As you delve into the challenges of Wintertodt in Old School RuneScape, you’ll find that the potential rewards are diverse and valuable, making your efforts well worth the endeavor. The rewards from Wintertodt are a testament to your skill and a significant aid in your OSRS journey, similar to a fire cape service.

Upon successfully subduing Wintertodt, you will receive reward crates containing various rewards, including resources like herbs, seeds, ores, and logs. These are not only useful for your in-game progression but also provide an excellent way to bolster your supplies in skills such as Herblore, Farming, and Smithing. Additionally, you may receive unique items like the Bruma torch, a light source that also serves as a warm item, and the Pyromancer outfit, which boosts your Firemaking experience.

It is essential to know that the rewards take into account the levels you have when opening them, not when obtaining them, so if you prioritize doing wintertodt over training other skills, it might be wise to wait until you skill up more, especially in woodcutting, mining, and farming.

XP Rates

The experience rates at Wintertodt are particularly impressive for Firemaking. You can expect a substantial amount of experience per hour, making it one of the fastest methods to level up in Firemaking. You’ll also gain minor experience in Woodcutting, Fletching, and Construction, depending on your participation in the related activities during the game.

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