Nyna Ferragni Biography

Nyna Ferragni Biography

Nyna Ferragni Biography

Nyna Ferragni was born on August 16, 1997, in Monza, Italy. Currently, she is 24 years old & her zodiac sign is Virgo. In 2019, Nyna was joined on Phub. Now she is an officially verified member of Phub. She has 300k subscribers & more than 400 million views on there.

This beautiful girl runs her channel with her boyfriend. Actually, it’s a couple of channels. Nyna Ferragni loves to record her romantic videos & share them with us. She gains a lot of money & followers. But still, she doesn’t reveal her face.

This blonde girl currently lives in Italy with her boyfriend. I hope you would like to read also Sofia Simens Biography If you love to watch P***N videos. And keep reading to know more about Nyna Ferragni Biography.


Nyna Ferragni Biography

Real Name Nyna Ferragni
Gender Female
Birth Date August 16, 1997
Age 24 Years
Birth Place Monza, Italy
Nationality Italian
Height 5′ 1″ (154cm)
Weight 94lbs. (43kg)
Net Worth $15 Million
Nyna Ferragni Face Reveal
Nyna Ferragni Face Reveal

Nyna Ferragni Body Measurements

  • Gender: Female
  • Measurements: 35-24-35
  • Height: 5′ 1″ (154cm)
  • Weight: 94lbs. (43kg)
  • Ethnicity: White
  • Hair Color: Brunette
  • Tattoos: No
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Nyna Ferragni Dating

Nyna & Ferragni, actually it’s the two-person name. They are boyfriend & girlfriend. Nyna Ferragni is not single now. They are in a relationship.


Nyna Ferragni Face

A lot of peoples wanna see Nyna Ferragni Face Photo. But the sad news is you can’t see it for free. You need to join her OnlyFans profile & buy a membership to see Nyna Ferragni Face Reveal Picture. Her OnlyFans account name is nynaferragni.


Nyna Ferragni Family

We still can’t find any information about her family member. We’ll update our article when we’ll get info about her family.


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Nyna Ferragni Net Worth

Nyna Ferragni became a rich girl after joined Phub. Every month she earns more than $80k from the advertisement. Otherwise, she also earns money from the OnlyFans. She also has 50 paid videos. Which are unlock after paying her. Nyna Ferragni Net Worth Is $15 Million Estimated.


Nyna Ferragni Social Media

Nyna is really very famous on social media. She has more than a half-million followers on social sites. Let’s check all info about her social profile stats.


Nyna Ferragni Instagram

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She has 30k followers on Instagram. Her Instagram account name is imnynaferragni. She not enough active there like OnlyFans. Because she doesn’t reveal her face on there. She only uploads 13 photos on Instagram. 


Nyna Ferragni Twitter

She is also famous on Twitter. Her Twitter account name is @nynaferragni. She has now 20k followers on there. She joined Twitter in April 2020. She uploads there her best video clips. You can follow on there if you wanna see the best clips of her videos.


Nyna Ferragni OnlyFans

The only platform where Nyna reveals her full face. So, if you wanna see her full-face videos & pictures. Then join her OnlyFans account now. Her OnlyFans account name is nynaferragni. So, what are you waiting for…! Join now & share with your friends. 


Nyna Ferragni Facts

  • Nyna Ferragni Is 24 Years Old.
  • Nyna Ferragni Has A Boyfriend.
  • Nyna Ferragni Is a Verified Member Of Phub.
  • Nyna Ferragni Has 300K Subscribers On Phub.
  • Nyna Ferragni Has Million Of Followers On Social Media.
  • Nyna Ferragni Lives In Italy.
  • Nyna Ferragni Enjoy To Make Videos For Her Fans.
  • Nyna Ferragni Scared Of Spiders.
  • Nyna Ferragni Has Interested In Boys & Girls. 
  • Nyna Ferragni Loves Nature.
  • Nyna Ferragni Loves To Travel.
  • Nyna Ferragni Reveal Her Face In OnlyFans Account.
  • Nyna Ferragni Sun Sign Is Virgo.
  • Nyna Ferragni Height Is 5′ 1″.
  • Nyna Ferragni Weight Is 43 KG.
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