Miss Lexa Biography ?

Miss Lexa Biography

Miss Lexa Biography

One of the most popular P-star is now Miss Lexa. She is a verified member of Phub. Who has more than 600k subscribers & 500 million views on Phub!

Lexa is a Second-Grade English School Teacher From Canada, who loves to share her private life videos & photos with us. She joined Phub 2 years ago. But still, she doesn’t reveal her face on Phub or any other social account.

Lexa doesn’t wanna be a P-star, she just wants to share her ride videos with us that people love her or not. And people support her a lot. This beautiful girl’s real name is Alexa. She really enjoys it when someone comments & likes her videos.

In June 2019, Lexa was the best model of P-hub. And now her model ranking is 8 on P-hub. Otherwise, she already gets 40+ achievements on  solitaire-masters.com

Miss Lexa Biography

Real Name Alexa
Gender Female
Birth Date January 23, 1993
Age 28
Birth Place Canada
Nationality Canadian
Height 5′ 8″
Weight 52 KG
Net Worth $20 Million
Miss Lexa Photo
Miss Lexa Photo

Miss Lexa Age

I don’t know that you know that. But if you don’t know then know it now from us. Every day a lot of people searching on google that Miss Lexa Age & Miss Lexa Face Photo. We can’t find Miss Lexa Full Face Photos. We also visit her paid-only fans account but there’s too she didn’t share her photos. But we have information about her date of birth.

On January 23, 1993, Miss Lexa was born in Canada. Currently, this beautiful girl is 28 years old. Her zodiac sign is Aquarius. We’ll share more information about Miss Lexa Biography ?. 


Miss Lexa Education

We are 100% sure that Alexa is really a school teacher. But we still can’t find anything about her Education. When we’ll find her education information. We’ll update our article.


Miss Lexa Dating

Alexa is the dream girl of many young people. A lot of people searching on google to know that she has a boyfriend or not. Because some people wanna marry her. So, this is the good news for them who are thinking makes her your girlfriend. Miss Lexa Is Single. She doesn’t have a boyfriend yet. And she doesn’t wanna go into a relationship now. Cause, she loves her freedom life. Otherwise, she can’t make videos if she marries someone.

Miss Lexa Face
Miss Lexa Face

Miss Lexa Real Face

We told before that a lot of men search on google Miss Lexa Real Face ~ Miss Lexa Full Face ~ Miss Lexa Face Cam ~ Miss Lexa Face Reveal. But we are sorry to say that we can’t find any Face Picture of Alexa. Because Lexa doesn’t share her full face. But she promises her fans that she will reveal her Face soon on Instagram. We’ll talk more about her Instagram below. Right now Enjoy these Miss Lexa Photos.

Are You Enjoying —> Miss Lexa Biography


Miss Lexa Net Worth

Alexa’s main earning source was her Teaching Job. But right now earns more from Phub videos than her school job. She has a lot of videos on Phub. Which are free & paid. She earns a lot of money from the advertisement. Besides, she is a model. A lot of people hire her to gets the secret of her beauty. Every month Alexa earns more than $100k. Miss Lexa Net Worth Is Now $20 Million Estimated.


Miss Lexa Social Media

This beautiful girl doesn’t share her face pictures on social media. She just uploads her body pictures. And by uploading her body pictures she has a lot of fans on social media. But the sad news is her lot of profile is suspended.


Miss Lexa Instagram

Miss Lexa First Instagram account name is misslexa_ph. Which one is now suspended. There had more than 3 million followers. Miss Lexa’s current Instagram account name is misslexa_daily. There has now 20k followers. She doesn’t upload there any new photos. If you wanna see her new photos then you need to follow her on OnlyFans. Which is paid. I suggest you follow her on Instagram. Because Alexa reveals her face on Instagram first.


Miss Lexa Twitter

Her first Twitter account was suspended too. Her current Twitter account name is @misslexa_ph. And there has now more than 40k followers. In June 2020 she opened her new Twitter account. She uploads there her video clip & photos. You can follow her to see Alexa’s Best Photos & Videos.

Miss Lexa Image
Miss Lexa Image

Miss Lexa Facts

  • Miss Lexa’s Real Name Is Alexa.
  • Miss Lexa Is 28 Years Old.
  • Miss Lexa Is A School Teacher.
  • Miss Lexa Was Born In Canada.
  • Miss Lexa Doesn’t Have Any Verified Social Account.
  • Miss Lexa Is Single.
  • Miss Lexa Has 600k Subscribers on Phub.
  • Miss Lexa Doesn’t Reveal Her Face.
  • Miss Lexa Net Worth Is Now $20 Million.
  • Miss Lexa Loves To Share Her Videos With Her Fans.

Thank you very much for reading about Miss Lexa Biography. I hope you would like to read Chandler Knight Biography. Please comment below if you wanna know more about Miss Lexa Biography.

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