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Need for Spin casino review by Online Casino Hub
Author: vinay Published on: July 26, 2023

To have an online gaming experience as similar as possible to playing in a land-based casino is everyone’s dream. That’s why many online casinos, such as Need for Spin, are introducing improvements and small modifications to get closer to that: the coolest possible experience. You can read Need for Spin casino review by Online Casino Hub. Among these features is one such as live dealer betting, did you know about it? If not, keep reading, because here we will tell you about all its advantages and disadvantages.

First of all, let’s remember what a live dealer is. This is a professional fully trained to establish all the organization of the games within the casino. For example, in a poker game, he is the one who will deal the cards in the most reliable and quickest way, besides being an intermediary between the casino and the player. Another of his functions is to throw the ball in roulette, etc.; it all depends on the game.

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Advantages of online casinos with Live Dealers

The advantages of playing this way are many, so don’t miss out on them, as they may be the push you need to join the club of players who already enjoy Live Dealer.

You will be able to see everything that happens in the game and its organization.

When dealing the cards, watching the roulette ball being spun, or even observing that a real slot machine is being operated by a professional. The whole process will be live and transparent, which helps to put your mind at ease as a gambler, and the reliability of the casino will be the best, just like in a physical casino, but from the comfort of your own home!

The experience will be more real than ever

Being in a live dealer online casino is the best if you are looking to replicate a real experience, resembling almost 100% to a live casino. Therefore, it is the most fun and social without having to leave your home. Some casinos even allow you to interact almost directly through voice messages with your microphone, so there will be a higher level of communication. How about giving it a try?

No cheating and scam free

As you are observing the whole procedure performed by the croupier, keep in mind that the chances of cheating or any other player cheating are null. Besides, you will not have to be 100% tied to any algorithm as it happens with the use of software. Here the human professional will be the one who will help manage the game in the best way, and totally being fair.

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Disadvantages of playing with a live dealer in the online casino

As we mentioned there may be some disadvantages to playing with a live dealer in your online casino. Pay attention, as we will detail them all.

You need a stable and very fast internet connection

For the live dealer experience to be the best you must have a very good and reliable internet connection and not have constant drops. For example, a connection of at least 10 MB/s is recommended so that there are no delays in the audio and video of the live streaming. This is a limitation for some users, especially if you do not have this requirement or want to play using mobile networks such as 4G.

Mostly available from the desktop version of the website

Although some casinos have adapted their formats for mobile use on smartphones or tablets, the truth is that to play and watch the live dealer it is recommended to use the desktop format. That is, connecting from a PC or Mac in your web browser. This may be another disadvantage that many players do not like.

What do you think of its advantages and disadvantages? As you can see, there are many more pros than cons. Therefore, we invite you to be part of this new movement in 2023 and leave the traditional casinos behind. Being part of an online casino with Crupier is an amazing experience!

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