Little Reislin: Know More About the Actress and Model

Little Reislin: Know More About the Actress and Model

Reislin, or Little Reislin, is a European actress who belongs to the adult film industry. She hails from Northern Europe, specifically from Latvia. Apart from being an actor, Little Reislin is also a model and social media influencer and takes up brand endorsements. In this Little Reislin biography, you will be able to know some interesting information about her early life, career, relationships, net worth, and more.

Early Life of Little Reislin

Little Reislin was born on December 22, 1999, which means she is 22 years old. Despite coming from a small place in Latvia’s Rīga region in Northern Europe, she has made a strong career for herself today. While we know the basics about her birthplace and how she became an actress, almost no information about her family and education is available.

Like most other celebrities, the beautiful model and actress like to keep her personal life away from the limelight. However, even before stepping into the industry, Little Reislin became famous in her hometown after featuring in a witchcraft story. Reislin’s name is similar to Raistlin Majera, the name of a character in the Dragonlance book series, as she also pointed out.

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Read along to learn more about her career and how she became so popular at such an early age. One thing worth mentioning is her incredible dedication to her work and career. Her hard work is the primary reason for her immense success and net worth.

Little Reislin career

The stunning model and actress first posted her videos on ModelHub in 2018 when she was 19. After receiving good feedback about her content, she started posting videos more regularly. Reislin’s album To Date consists of over 180 videos that have gained almost 500 million views.

As mentioned earlier, the actress is also very active on her social media handles and has over 8,00,000 followers on her Instagram account. Moreover, she is more active on Twitter compared to Instagram. On the other hand, the number of followers that Little Reislin has on ModelHub has crossed 9 lakh, and it is constantly increasing.

Among other fellow actresses, Resilin has performed with the likes of Mini Diva and Eva Elfie, who also have a very high following on the site, along with their social media handles.

How did Little Reislin step into the adult film industry?

Before her spouse tried to persuade her, Little Reislin wasn’t interested in the adult scene. But, with the help of her partner, Reislin was able to seize the opportunity and develop an interest in adult movies. In reality, she began watching these movies at an early age and began to admire her female co-workers.

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Riley Reid became not only her idol but also the first adult actress she had ever heard of. Reislin said that one of the funniest parts of her shoot was when she had to mimic Tom Cruise in Top Gun by standing on a stack of books to make herself appear taller. As many of you have observed, Little Reislin’s hubby in disguise appears as a variety of personalities in her adult films and scenes.

Little Reislin: Know More About the Actress and Model

Marriage and appearance

For the record, Little Reislin is not single anymore. She is married to an unnamed man at this time. They have acted in multiple videos together and are like business partners in the industry.

Regarding her physical attributes, this stunning woman is 48 kg and is 5.4 feet tall. She has tattoos inside her left forearm, on her left hips, left thigh, and right forearm. Apart from these, she has nipple and septum piercings.

Awards and Recognition

Money and accolades are the source of great pride for people in any industry. Just a few months after beginning her career in the adult industry, Reislin was named the XBIZ Best Female Clip Artist 2020.

She also received awards for Amateur of the Year for 2018/2019/2020 and Amateur of the Year PornHub 2019. Moreover, she received the TeamSkeet AllStar, a Hentai Game Character, and a PornHub Awards 2019 nominee.

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Little Reislin has an approximate net worth between $1 and $3 million. The famous actress reportedly earns a sizable sum of money through acting and endorsing commercial ventures.

You can follow her on Instagram, Twitter, and other social media handles to know more about Little Resilin. She keeps posting content regularly to keep her fans and followers updated.

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