Lana Emotional Biography

Lana Emotional Photo
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Lana Emotional Wikipedia

Real Name Lana
Gender Female
Birth Date September 23, 1998
Age 23 Years
Birth Place Russia
Nationality Russian
Height 5′ 4″ (162cm)
Weight 102lbs. (46kg)
Profession P-star

Lana Emotional Biography

Actually, Lana Emotional is a Phub verified channel name. It’s a couple of channel wheres roleplay Lana as stepsister & her stepbrother enjoy her always.

By the way, her real name is Lana (was born on September 23, 1998) in Russia. This beautiful Russian girl’s age is 23 years old & her star sign is Virgo. This blonde hair girl is enough tall & slim. Her height is 5′ 4″ & weight is 46 kg. With sunglasses, Lana looks awesome.

This cute model body measurements are 31-25-33. And everything is real from these. She doesn’t have any tattoos on her body & this one makes her more hot & beautiful.

Lana has now 150k subscribers & more than 100 million views on there. She gains this in just 1 year. She is popular on Phub for roleplay as School Girl, Teen Girl, Cute Girl, Step Sister.

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Lana Emotional Photo
Lana Emotional Biography

Lana Emotional Dating

Lana Emotional is in an open relationship. We can’t tell you the name of her guy, But you have always seen him on Lana’s Videos. She only makes videos with her boyfriend. 


Lana Emotional Family

We still can’t find any real information about Lana’s family. When we’ll find her family members’ information we’ll update our article. Or if you know anything about her family just comment below. 


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Lana Emotional Social  Media

We search on google to find the official Lana Emotional Instagram & Lana Emotional Twitter. But can’t find it. Because she doesn’t use any social media account. But I think she will open some popular social accounts for her fans. If she open she will get a lot of followers on there.

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Lana Emotional Net Worth

Lana’s main earning source is her videos. Even she doesn’t photography. She earns money from the advertisement. She doesn’t have any paid videos on there. I hope she will make paid videos & do photography for her fans soon. Every single month Lana earns more than $40k. Lana Emotional Net Worth Is $5 Million.

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Lana Emotional Facts

  • Lana Is 23 Years Old.
  • Lana Is From Russia.
  • Lana Is Not Single Anymore.
  • Lana Has 142k Subscribers On Phub.
  • Lana Gains 100 Million Views On Phub Just In 1 Year.
  • Lana’s Hair Color Is Blonde.
  • Lana Has No Social Account Now.
  • Lana Was Born On September 23, 1998.
  • Lana Lives In Russia.
  • Lana’s Sun Sign Is Virgo.
  • Lana Is One Of The Most Cute Girl In Russia.
  • Lana Can Be A Good Model Too.


Lana Emotional Biography

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