How to Win Using Basic Blackjack Strategy at XRP Casinos


XRP is the native crypto of Ripple, a payment protocol designed for processing international money transfers, among other things. Developed by Ripple Labs Inc., Ripple can provide exceptionally quick cross-border transactions for banks. Its creators hope that the payment protocol can one day rival SWIFT, the international payments system used by most banks.

What about the crypto itself? Is it suitable for online gaming? Its proponents point to fast transactions, small fees, and anonymity. There aren’t many XRP casinos currently, but the existing ones tend to provide generous new customer bonuses.

The best crypto casinos that accept XRP offer a range of classic games, including baccarat, roulette, and blackjack. Unlike many XRP casino games, winning at blackjack requires an element of skill. Before registering with a cryptocurrency casino and depositing XRP to play blackjack, we recommend familiarity with the basic strategy.

What Is Blackjack Basic Strategy & Why Should I Use It on XRP Casinos?

In basic terms, blackjack ‘basic strategy’ refers to a method of playing that involves making the best possible moves in any given hand from a statistical standpoint. It is believed that the basic strategy was first used in the 1950s, likely devised by four engineers in the United States Army.

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Since then, men like Edward Thorp, Peter A. Griffin, and Julian Braun have come along to improve basic strategy or, in Thorp’s case, outline how to use card counting to beat the dealer.

The main reason to use a basic strategy is to decrease the house edge. If you play blackjack optimally, you can reduce the advantage of XRP casinos to less than 0.5%. You’re incredibly close to playing a breakeven game, and you could enjoy a few profitable sessions. Those who fail to use basic strategy in blackjack give up an edge of at least 2%.

Blackjack Basic Strategy Condensed

If you’re a visual learner, you should look for a blackjack basic strategy chart online. An alternative is to learn the concept via a series of key phrases. Before committing crypto to an XRP casino, it pays to memorize as many of these rules as possible. You can make things even easier by distilling things into four categories:

  • Surrendering
  • Splitting
  • Soft hands
  • Hard hands

Remember that the following advice relates to when and the dealer has received your first two cards.


Surrendering is generally bad as the XRP casino has a decided edge. However, you should surrender in these two scenarios:

  • If the dealer has 10 and you have 15
  • If the dealer has 9 through Ace and you have 16
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Splitting pairs can be a lucrative strategy when performed correctly. Here are the basic strategy rules:

  • Don’t split tens at any stage
  • Split Aces and eights every time
  • Only split twos, threes, or sevens if the dealer has 2 to 7
  • Only split fours or sixes if the dealer has 5 to 6
  • Double on fives if the dealer has 2 to 9
  • Only split nines if the dealer has 2 to 9; however, you should NOT split if the dealer’s total is 7

Soft Hands

A soft hand contains an Ace which can count as 1 or 11. Here are some rules to use the next time you play blackjack at an XRP casino:

  • Always stand on a soft 20
  • Double a soft 13 or 14 when the dealer has 5 or 6
  • Double a soft 15 or 16 when the dealer’s total is 4 to 6
  • Double a soft 17 when the dealer’s score is between 3 and 6
  • Double a soft 18 if the dealer’s total is between 2 and 6
  • Hit on soft 18 if the dealer has 9 through Ace
  • Double a soft 19 if the dealer has 6

Hard Hands

A hard hand doesn’t contain an Ace. Here are the basic strategy rules to help optimize your play on crypto casinos:

  • Always hit on 8
  • Always double on 11
  • Always stand on 17+
  • Double on 9 if the dealer has 3 to 6; otherwise, take another card
  • Double on 10 if the dealer has between 2 and 9; otherwise, accept a third card
  • Stand on 12 if the dealer’s total is between 4 and 6; otherwise, take another card
  • Stand on 12-16 if the dealer’s score is between 2 and 6; otherwise, hit
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Final Thoughts on Using Blackjack Basic Strategy on XRP Casinos

You will have the most fun and keep your bankroll ticking over for longer when using basic blackjack strategy. Before you start playing the game on XRP casinos, memorize the above rules and remove some of the house’s edge!


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