How to upgrade the Jewelcrafting profession in World of Warcraft Dragonflight

Coming to such a complex and multi-level project as World of Warcraft with a huge number of mechanics, quests, raids and farming opportunities, many beginners often get lost.

After all, you need not only to choose a comfortable character, but also learn how to earn gold, choose an active and interesting craft and move to the final levels to open the most interesting content.

Gold plays the most important role, because in World of Warcraft you can buy literally everything that can be transferred from player to player.

How to earn gold in World of Warcraft:

  1. Pass the main and secondary quests, they will bring a stable increase in gold, but without frills, and help you advance through the levels in order to get the opportunity to go to the Dragon Islands faster.
  2. Buy the cheapest wow gold from the professional Skycoach service. This will help you quickly and quickly pump through the constant updating of weapons that you will purchase on the marketplace.
  3. Learn craft professions that will help you improve your character well and earn good money, subject to constant efforts to develop your skills. One of the most difficult, but also lucrative professions is the master of jewelry. We will analyze it in this guide.

Who is a jeweler in World of Warcraft

The profession of a jeweler involves using your knowledge to produce rings and amulets, tools for yourself and other artisans, gems, pets, and quality flasks for alchemists.

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A good Jeweler can provide a significant boost to stats and magical defense, and allow alchemists to produce quality potions by pouring them into special flasks.

What has changed in the profession of a jeweler in the Dragonflight update for World of Warcraft

For several updates in a row, the mechanics of changes in add-ons led to the fact that players simply ignored professions and all the possibilities of crafting and earning with their help in favor of raids and other places where this equipment and other items could be obtained ready-made.

Everything has changed since the Dragonflight update, when all mechanics associated with professions were given a new life and all the features and features were significantly modified.


Now each profession will have the opportunity to choose and develop a specialization that will allow you to delve into one of the three areas of study of professions and achieve strengthening of manufactured goods and will allow you to create items of higher quality.

To choose your direction, you will need the 25th rank of the profession, which is obtained quickly enough. To develop specialization, you will need the knowledge of Dragons, which you will receive from each item made for the first time and special quests with a total cooldown of 7 days.

This means that you will master one specialization quickly enough, and if you tinker and be patient, you will later be able to study all directions and become a true master in the path of jewelry.

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The entire profession system has undergone changes and has become more accessible and understandable for players of all levels due to an informative and simple display with a bunch of tips and advice.

You will now see the preliminary crafting chance and overall quality when using ingredients of that type.

When you have any amplifier that affects the quality or quantity of crafting, you will receive a notification.

You will see a complete list of potentially available recipes and optimal resources to achieve the highest quality crafting.

Jewelcrafting stats in the Dragonflight Update for World of Warcraft

In the Dragonflight update for World of Warcraft, developers from Blizzard Enterpriset added the concept of characteristics to all types of professions and introduced special equipment to enhance them.

Crafting stats, like standard stats, provide a buff exclusively to professions and play a significant role during production.

What can you develop and strengthen:

  • Mastery
  • Overproduction
  • Inspiration
  • Resourcefulness
  • Speed


Mastery is the most important parameter, since it is precisely it that is responsible for the probability of creating an item of high quality, even in a situation where such a probability tends to zero.


A skill that allows you to get a chance to create more items than originally planned in the recipe.


A skill that allows you to situationally and with a certain chance to raise the skill parameter when working with a craft.


A parameter that allows you to spend much less resources to create an item than it is prescribed in the recipe.


Affects the processing speed of materials and the production time of items related to jewelry.

When choosing which characteristic to enhance, focus on developing inspiration and resourcefulness – these parameters will allow you to generate much more useful and valuable items and not spend a lot of valuable resources on their creation.

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The best gear for a jeweler in World of Warcraft

In the Dragonflight update, each artisan and gatherer has their own unique equipment that can be crafted or bought to increase all the new stats to enhance professions.

There are three stat-boosting items for each profession, and the player does not need to ensure that any attribute is worn while performing jobs, as the system will automatically equip any stat-boosting item if it is in the character’s inventory.

Best Items for a Jeweler Craftsman:

Shattered Onyx Magnifying Glass – Gives an increase to inspiration and overproduction.

Alexstrasite Magnifying Glasses – gives an increase to inspiration and overproduction, is an improved version of the previous item and increases the general parameter of jewelry. Both items are created by the jeweler himself, or purchased at auction.

Jeweler’s Apron – Increases resourcefulness and crafting speed.

Glittering Apron – Enhances similar skills and adds a general jewelcrafting stat. This item is a better version of the previous variant and is crafted by a leatherworker on order through the order table on the Dragon Isle or purchased through an auction.

Carver’s Draconite or Kazgorite Clamps – Items increase a random stat. The second equipment option is more valuable and complex and gives an increase to the general parameter of jewelry.

Conclusions on the profession of Jeweler

Jewelcrafting is a profession that will be difficult for beginners in the early stages, since it is difficult and expensive to generate the first resources for leveling the profession, but the income from production will be significantly higher than other specialties.

The class will be able to produce not only jewelry and power-up stones, but also cages for trapping elementals, which will be useful for engineers and other craftsmen to create high-end equipment.

Special vials, which are made by jewelers, are indispensable in alchemy and are in great demand.

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