How to get Trophy of strife 

Author: varsha Published on: December 20, 2023

World of Warcraft is known for many things, and one of its most popular features is its PvP system. Players can challenge other players in the arena or fight them in the open world. There are tons of prizes to get in this feature, like gold in World of Warcraft and unique tokens. The Trophy of Strife is one of the currencies you can get from PvP, giving you access to cool stuff. Here’s how to get this this valuable token.  

What is the Trophy of Strife 

The Trophy of Strife is a particular type of currency that you use for upgrading War Mode gear. WM allows you to combat other players in the open field while doing other activities. They are mainly done during world PvP events that require you to activate their War Mode. The Trophy of Strife is essential in making characters stronger for open-world PvP. If you’re keen on player-to-player combat, you’ll have to farm this token to become stronger and more formidable.  

How Do You Get Trophy of Strife 

There are three ways to get a Trophy of Strife in World of Warcraft. These methods require gamers to do various PvE or PvP activities. Here is how you can collect Trophy of Strife in World of Warcraft: 

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Weekly Sparks of Life Quest 

Sparks of Life is a valuable resource for upgrading War Mode gear. In this case, these collectibles are used to obtain Trophy of Strife. You need to engage in activities that allow you to get these tokens while War Mode is enabled. Firstly, you must accept the quest from Malicia in Valdrakken. Afterward, you will have to participate in any of the following tasks to obtain Sparks of Life: 

  • Obtaining PvP loot crates found throughout the Dragon Isles 
  • Finding and digging up Disturbed Dirt Mounds scattered throughout the Dragon Isles
  • Discovering and Looting Expedition Scout’s Packs from Enemy Expedition Scouts 
  • Defeat rare and powerful NPC enemies in the region 
  • Being victorious in significant events and large-scale PvP instances in specific locations 

Participating in PvP Events 

Aside from collecting Sparks of Life, you can also obtain Trophies of Strife by participating in PvP content. However, the drop chance for these tokens is low,expect to get one only when they engage in player combat.  

Treasure Collectibles  

Some hidden treasures can reward players with Sparks of Life. These things are scattered throughout the Dragon Isles and placed in well-hidden areas or plain sight. Some of these also require players to defeat specific bosses or elites guarding them. If you want to maximize your Trophy of Strife gain, engage with every treasure or unique enemy you encounter.  

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Catch-up Mechanism 

A special feature allows players to obtain Trophies of Strife via a catch-up mechanic. This system is designed especially for those who have missed out on their grind from the previous week. Players can buy them with Honor points, which can be considered as a WoW boostingWoW boosting feature. You can also obtain Trophies of Strife by buying them with Honor points, which youcan receive by engaging in PvP activities such as open-world combat and arena. The exchange rate for the two tokens is 3,5000 Honor for one Trophy. However, you can only do this for a limited number of times.  

Best Methods on Farming Trophy of Strife 

The best way to farm Trophy of Strife is to do the Weekly Sparks of Life. This is the most efficient method since focusing on looking for treasures and participating in PvP events does not guarantee a high yield of this currency. It is better to accept the quest first from Malicia before engaging in player-to-player combat activities.  

The second most efficient method is to utilize the catch-up mechanic. This guarantees you to obtain Trophies easily just by purchasing them, even if there is a limit. This is more efficient because you can save time and effort by opting for this route.  

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Where to Best Spend Trophy of Strife 

It would help if you focused on getting or upgrading several items with your Trophy of Strife. Depending on the role, these items are considered the best of the best. Here is where you should focus on spending their currency: 


  • Weapon: Unbound Shadowblade and Unbound Thunderspire 
  • Chest: Vestments of the Penitent and the Unbound chest pieces 
  • Legs: Greaves of the Penitent, Unbound Resolve, Unbound Might, and Unbound Intent 
  • Shoulders: Spaulders of the Penitent, Unbound Bastion, Unbound Tenacity, and Unbound Cunning 
  • Trinkets: Unbound Primal Instability 


  • Weapon: Unbound Shadowsworn Greatsword and Unbound Titan’s Bulwark 
  • Chest: Breastplate of the Penitent, Unbound Bulwark, Unbound Protectorate, and Unbound Guardian 
  • Legs: Legplates of the Penitent, Unbound Fortress, Unbound Stalwart, and Unbound Determination 
  • Shoulders: Pauldrons of the Penitent, Unbound Bulwark, Unbound Aegis, and Unbound Endurance 
  • Trinkets: Unbound Primal Fortitude and Unbound Soulbound Arbiter’s Gavel 


  • Weapon: Unbound Soothing Staff, Unbound Restoration, Unbound Sanctity, and Unbound Salvation 
  • Chest: Robes of Penitent, Unbound Revelation, Unbound Harmony, and Unbound Restoration 
  • Legs: Chausses of the Penitent, Unbound Piety, Unbound Serenity, and Unbound Reverence 
  • Shoulders: Mantle of the Penitent, Unbound Devotion, Unbound Mending, and Unbound Restoration 
  • Trinkets: Unbound Primal Vitality and Unbound Soulbound Arbiter’s Monocle 

You can spend your Trophies of Strife on many items and many more to upgrade. However, these sets are the best ones to invest in for the current season meta.  


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