How to Easily Receive SMS from Portugal?

You can receive SMS from Portugal to any phone number. Another thing is how much will such a message cost the sender, and what if you also need to respond? This can be expensive, especially if you are outside of Portugal and do not have a local number and are unable to purchase one. Virtual telephony solves this problem quickly and simply. You can order a phone number online for messaging or making phone calls.

It doesn’t matter if you are in Portugal or outside: your communication no longer has borders. Just go to the page, choose the desired country and phone number — and start using it right away!

Virtual Portuguese numbers to receive SMS

A virtual number is not fake. It looks just like a regular mobile phone number, with the Portugal code — just like you’re used to. The main difference is that the connection is not the network of mobile operators but the Internet connection. SMS messages arrive in your account, and, if necessary, you can set up receiving notifications on your phone using forwarding.

Because the system works using the internet, you don’t need a SIM card to insert it into your phone like you’re used to. Only two things are required: a Hottelecom account and stable Internet.

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Why do people use virtual telephony to exchange SMS?

About 10 years ago, you could use the Internet while remaining anonymous. Now, Google knows more about you than mom: where you buy, what you watch, what you order, which sites you register on, etc. At the same time, each site also collects information about you and forms its databases. The only way to protect personal information and avoid the endless stream of spam and advertisements sent to you by various Internet resources is to register on sites with a virtual number.

You will need a number to receive SMS from Portugal when you want to:

  • Verify an additional account on social networks;
  • Use different messengers;
  • Watch Portuguese movies or download music at favorable rates;
  • Leave a profile on a dating site;
  • Make an order in the online store;
  • Register on a forum or any site while maintaining anonymity, etc.

The reason can be anything. Accordingly, each user of a virtual number for exchanging text messages with subscribers in Portugal receives their own preferences. Try how it works on the example of a one-time free number with a Portugal code!


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