How to Earn Money With Basic 2D and 3D Knowledge

3D Knowledge

2D and 3D modeling is being used in commercial purposes, as well as in entertainment. This is happening because of the affordable or free to download software. Sources of knowledge have also been multiplied. Now you can easily find various courses or schools that will teach you how to be a professional. People create beautiful graphics, and use landscapes or characters in movies or video games. Explosions can be drawn sitting behind the computer monitor with no pyrotech. So let’s see how you can benefit from graphics development. 

Company Worker

One of the things you can do is to find a company or game art studio that requires your services. Thus, you will have a stable source of income, you will be provided with a proper desktop (if you work in the office), medical insurance, and paid vacations. Companies often pay for courses, so you can improve your skills and apply them in your everyday work. 


Studios often look for artists with at least a year’s experience. Thus, it might not be that easy to find a first job. You can also apply for the trainee position and have more chances to succeed. It is vital to show your best work, so the employer knows what you are capable of.

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Freelance is a wider sphere, where you can apply the knowledge. Let’s begin with offering your services on various platforms. You can single-handedly set the price for what you offer, create a portfolio, and compare your gig with others. You can analyze works of top freelancers to understand what attracts new clients. In addition, you can develop in different spheres. Whether you want to create mobile game art or photo realistic environments, freelance allows you that.

How to Start Off Effectively?

There is a lot of competition on freelance platforms, so there is a big chance that new clients will not buy your services immediately. It will definitely take some time until your first purchase. 

However, you can start earning money by introducing yourself to past clients. Or you can send the link to your portfolio to people who might be interested in the sphere. If you do not know anybody, try to visit various forums and communicate with people there. Thus, you will get familiar with artists and people who might be interested in your skills.

Be the Mentor

If you have some experience in modeling or you have been practicing and studying for some time, you can create your own courses. Make a plan on what you want to teach others. You can divide one topic into a few sections, and explain each one in detail. 

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Additionally, come up with practice lessons and homework. This will make your students put more effort into their projects, and will also make you known as the person who can teach effectively.

Where to Sell Courses?

There are a few options for you:

  • Create your website. By doing so, you will get all the profit from selling. It will be easier for you to announce upcoming courses and share downloadable resources. However, if nobody knows you, it will be kind of hard to get new clients.
  • Make a YouTube channel. This option can be combined with the previous one. Get yourself a YouTube channel, where you would upload free and useful tutorials. Once you get an audience, you can start advertising your website.
  • Apply for famous courses websites. There is a great variety of websites that allow you to upload your materials. The most popular ones are Udemy, Courseara, and others. It is very important to come up with a nice headline that will attract the attention of students. However, these platforms will get a certain percentage from the selling.
  • Combine the strategies! Freelance mentoring is a sphere, where you can use your imagination for the better profit. Once you get familiar with some aspects and get some students, try to open your website and YouTube channel, where people can watch more of your videos. Try out new platforms that allow you to upload courses to increase your income.
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The Most Important Part For Any Artist

You can be the greatest illustrator and study for half of your life, creating some of the most magnificent works the world could ever imagine, but that would mean nothing without a portfolio. Whether you are a freelance artist or want to apply for the illustrator agencies, it is required to have a portfolio. 

Note not to add every work you’ve made. Portfolio should consist only of your best work. In fact, you can upload works of different styles, so people would know your skills. Some websites allow you to make your works visible 24/7, so anyone could see them. That will increase chances of contacting you for the project.

Be Consistent

Consistency is the key. Even if you could not earn a fortune in the first few days, do not get upset over it. Figure out what works for you and try to get clients, using the methods listed above. Sooner or later, you will definitely sell your services.




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