Gaming Is a Part of Our Life

Gaming Is a Part of Our Life

  Games follow our life from our birth. Lots of skills we get from games that we are using in our adult life. Today technology allows us to try and visit so many different worlds and forget about our daily routine problems. There are so many different games that none will be bored. If you enjoy gambling join the best casinos online. If you enjoy weapons, there are multiple different shooters from our history world to different galaxy worlds. Games have become more than just a relaxing time, you can play and communicate with different people all over the world. So we proceed.

Hitman 3

     IO Interactive announced that on July 26, Hitman 3 will have a new map.  It will be Ambrose Island, which was announced back in mid-January. The map will be for all players so also free to play players can visit it. The main action will be located on a tropical island in a hidden bay of the Andaman Sea. There will be some extra work for Agent 47 in order to eliminate the pirate syndicate. The filled roadmap will be available in July next week.

      Hitman 3 is available on PC and consoles of both generations. Recently, with a new patch, the stealth action game on PC received support for ray tracing. Later this year, the game will receive a Freelancer roguelike mode.

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Baldur’s Gate 3

      The creators of a role-playing Baldur’s Gate 3 from Larian Studios released an update of Valor and Lore. There will be added new races such as dwarves and bard classes. Also, there will be Portuguese localization.

      Dwarves as a race will have several subgroups. They will be known for their intelligence and humor. Each subgroup will have its specialty, we won’t explain which as we want you to try them. We can only promise that it is going to be an interesting race. 

     As for the bards class, this is mostly a support class. At level three the bard will be able to open the Valor of Knowledge. Then your class will be able to gain different changes from magician to the tank. 

     The creators also added new types of hairstyles, skin colors, different options in dialogues, some shadow and lighting settings, and stability to the multiplayer option. The full list of patch updates can be taken on the main website. 

     The full release is scheduled for 2023. At the moment the game is available only on PC.

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