Farming Simulator by Volvo CE

Author: Swati Updated on: January 14, 2024

Vertical integration has been Volvo’s primary business strategy which keeps the company’s diversification strategies within manageable boundaries. The heavy machine industry giant took a leap into the gaming sector by establishing a partnership with GIANTS Software the creators of the Farming Simulator series that has been globally acclaimed. The partnership taps into the gaming industry and gamers can now experience the thrill of operating Volvo Construction Equipment from home minus the sweat, dirt and grime with the completely immersive and engaging video game Farming Simulator 22. The partnership was established based on the same fundamentals that Volvo CE and Farming Simulator share which is to build a world that we all want to live in. The game in essence allows gamers to craft and construct their very own farming eco-system in numerous ways. The latest iteration of the acclaimed game by the Swiss gaming company GIANTS Software gives players the chance to experience the reality of logging and forestry work using a variety of Volvo heavy machines such as excavators, dumpers and the all new and popular L200H High Lift wheel loader which was on recently unveiled by the heavy machine industry leader Volvo CE. The popularity of the new L200H is attributed to the significantly enhanced lifting capacity and additional power that the wheel loader is capable of producing in comparison to the Volvo L180H High Lift predecessor which was a market leader within the scope of the logging industry.

Partnership Fundamentals

According to Arvid Rinaldo who is head of Brand Partnerships at Volvo quoted “Volvo CE is certainly excited to start their first initiatives into the ever growing world of gaming and with an established partner such as GIANTS Software. It is in line with Volvo CE’s long term plans that not just provide gamers a unique experience that brings Volvo machines to life, but also provides the younger generation the opportunity to experience the thrill of operating heavy machines.” The game has thus far sold 30 million units and is currently available in more than 165 countries and the game has established itself as among the Top 10 most popular games in the world. It is played on all major platforms such as Xbox, PlayStation, and PC and as well as Mac. The game which has been a favourite for more than a decade and a half has now reached a new tier with Farming Simulator 22 promises which promises to be the most immersive yet.

From the perspective of GIANTS Software’s creative director Thomas Frey, Volvo CE’s inclusion to Farming Simulator renders the game to be more unique than ever and the established partnership offers a very wide range of opportunities. Gamers can now look forward to experiencing these powered machines the way they are supposed to me experienced – as close to the real thing as possible!.

The Transition from the Real World to the Virtual Realm

Given the fact that it is in fact the first time that construction machines such as High Lift Wheel Loaders have been included into the game, the effort to digitalise took a lot of effort for the developing team. Previously it was all about various excavators ranging from mini excavators to mid-range excavators. This time the team of developers made visits to actual construction sites in order to study the applications of these machines and transfer movements into the virtual realm. The game software could also be deployed as a means to licence or teach first time operators before they hire excavators or operate machinery. The game also includes other machines such as Volvo Trucks that gives players a unique look into the agricultural industry. The latest version of the game allows gamers to bump up complexity from simply driving a mini excavator or use a L200H High Lift wheel loader to establish their very own farming production chain. The excavators presented in the game are also the latest versions unveiled by Volvo at major construction exhibitions.

Author: Swati

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