Eric Jerome Dickey New Book 2021

Eric Jerome Dickey New Book 2021

Eric Jerome Dickey New Book 2021

Eric Jerome Dickey has 3 new books which are published in 2021. And one book is upcoming on December 8, 2020. In this article, we’ll talk about Eric Jerome Dickey New Book 2021 & Eric Jerome Dickey Biography. Just keep reading to know all information about Eric Jerome Dickey’s 4 New Book 2021. These 4 books name is listed below.

  • The Son of Mr. Suleman
  • The Business of Lovers
  • Before We Were Wicked
  • The Other Woman Lib/E

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The Son of Mr. Suleman

On April 20, 2021, Eric Jerome Dickey published a novel name is The Son of Mr. Suleman. This book story is like this. This is the very hot weather of summer in 2019. Black Professor Pi Suleman is from Memphis to meet with America’s Trump. But Pi is being blackmailed by a powerful man. And the powerful man assaulted him. When Pi saw just the truth in the opposite, he knew that he never win with them. Gemma Buckingham just leaves London to escape a deep heartbreak & moved to Memphis. At this time Pi meets with her, though they are from different countries. But their difference can consume them. Go to Library to read more about this book. 

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The Business of Lovers

On April 21, 2020, Eric Jerome Dickey published The Business of Lovers book. This book has a good review on *. This novel story is like this: André grew up, unlike a comedian star. But his brothers Dwayne & Brick Duquesne have a piece of good luck in their career. But they are in an unluckier love. Dwayne was kicked out from his latest acting role & Barley has enough dollars to supports her child. None of them doesn’t wanna go into a relationship with a new girl now. But they have a great plan to twisting the love. Dwayne tries to device her son from her mother & tries to reunite with his son again. Eric Jerome Dickey wrote a very interesting story in this book. You should read this book.


Before We Were Wicked

April 16, 2019, Eric Jerome Dickey published his new book Before We Were Wicked 2021. This was another great book of him. And this book has a great review online too like his others books. Why not? Eric Jerome Dickey is a great writer. This book’s story is like this: Love of money is really evil that someone told. But this love for a girl. 21 years old Ken Swift thinking about his college why they hurt people to pay the college salary. In this book, Erice Jerome Dickey wrote an amazing story. Keep eye on our blog to read part two of this story. 

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The Other Woman Lib/E

The Other Woman Lib/E is his upcoming book. This book will be published on December 8, 2020, in an audio cd version. Kimberly Bailey covers his voice on this book’s audio version. This is his last book of Eric Jerome Dickey’s life. Because he is dead & not possible to gift us a new story. We are thankful to him because we can read some good things from his books. This book’s main theme is like this: A married couple, the husband works in the day & the wife works in the night. But the romance was their routine. But the sad thing is they didn’t get time to do that. They love each other a lot. And love & trust make them powerful & can possibly make a great family. Guys, just wait till December 8, 2020. We’ll update this article soon. Keep eye on our blog or you can bookmark our website. Keep reading to know more about Eric Jerome Dickey Biografia & little information about his previous books.



Eric Jerome Dickey Biography

Real Name Eric Jerome Dickey
Gender Male
Birth Date July 7, 1961
Date Of Death January 3, 2021
Birth Place Memphis, Tennessee, USA
Nationality American
Alma mater Memphis State University
Occupation Author
Net Worth $3 Million


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Decadence Eric Jerome Dickey

Decadence is an mp3 book. This book’s author’s name is Eric Jerome Dickey. And in the audio version voice cover by Susan Spain. This book has a great review on *. More than 600 people good review of this book. 


One Night Eric Jerome Dickey

It was the Christmas season & a rainy night with cold weather. a young girl who faced a big loss & the other side she gets chance to meet with a successful businessman who has a gas station in Los Angeles, California, USA. But they didn’t have any match each other. But though after sometime later, they go to a private room in a hotel. To read more about this book you can check this book on google. But this is a great romance book that I can make sure you. This book has good reviews on *.


Eric Jerome Dickey Gideon Series

Gideon series is one of the most popular series of Eric Jerome Dickey. This book has in total 5 series. The first & last series is really very surprising. You should read these books. Otherwise, this book has a very good review on *. You can check all of them on Google. Note: This book should not read those who are still under 18. 


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