Dunia Game FF

Dunia Game FF

What Is Dunia Game FF

Currently one of the most famous websites for Free Fire Diamond Top Up Dunia Game FF. Mostly Indonesian people buy free fire diamonds from this site. Dunia Game FF has an amazing discount for its buyers. Discount rates depend on the payment method & diamond quantity. They also have promo codes. In this article, we are gonna highlight everything about Dunia Game FF. How you can buy free fire diamonds from this site & more, Keep reading.

Dunia Game FF Official Website

If you search on Google Dunia Game FF. You may see a lot of websites that are similar to Dunia Game FF & some of are them using the Dunia Game FF title on their site’s logo & other places. But most of are them frauds & scammers. So if you want to buy anything without being scammed then you need to find the real site. And I’m gonna share with you guys the Dunia Game FF Offical Website. Just use the below link to buy your Free Fire Diamonds From Dunia Game FF.

Dunia Game FF Facebook

Dunia Game FF is the biggest gaming community in Indonesia. On their official Facebook page, they have more than 1 million followers. Their Facebook page name is Dunia Games. And it’s a verified Facebook page. So, don’t go to any other third-party page for contact or any other reason.

Dunia Game FF YouTube

Dunia Games is one of the number 1 gaming channels and media in Indonesia. Dunia Games will provide actual and updated information for sure. On May 24, 2016, they opened their official YouTube channel. Right now they have 600k subscribers. Basically, they stream their tournaments videos. You can subscribe to them if you are a tournament lover. Their YouTube channel name is Dunia Game.

Dunia Game FF Twitter

Dunia Permainan FF has a small Twitter page. They opened their Twitter on June 2010. But they are not active there enough. They have 5k followers on Twitter & their Twitter id is @DuniaGamesTsel.  You guys can contact them using this email if you need to talk with them urgently. redaksi@duniagames.co.id.

Dunia Game Free Fire Tournament

This website has also a Tournament system. You can create your own tournament or play in a tournament. All E-sport players are welcome on Dunia Game Free Fire. Fire-Fire is one of the most famous games for tournaments. But there also have a little popularity on these games  Pubg, Aov, Fifa, Fortnite, Auto Chess. If you are an E-sports player then must try this site to make your luck & show your skill to the audience. They stream their tournament on their official youtube channel.

Free Fire Diamonds Price List On DuniaGames.co.id

  • 5 Diamonds: Rp 1.650
  • 70 Diamonds: Rp 12.500
  • 355 Diamonds: Rp 62.500
  • 720 Diamonds: Rp 125.000
  • 1.450 Diamonds: Rp 250.000

Dunia Game FF Payment Method

This website has more than 8 payment methods. Mostly they give discounts on Telkomsel. Anyone can use Telkomsel to get bonus diamonds. Check the below picture to know more about Dunia Game FF and all payment methods.
Dunia Game FF Payment Method
Dunia Game FF Payment Method
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