Download City Maps for Minecraft PE 1.21 and 1.20


In the vast world of Minecraft Bedrock Edition 1.21.0, imaginative developers have introduced an array of captivating destinations. These include entire countries, themed challenges, diverse structures brimming with resources, and so much more. Players are continually captivated by the prospect of exploring novel cities replete with well-thought-out infrastructure, and this excitement is made attainable through the use of these meticulously crafted maps.

Sky World

In the realm of Minecraft, these meticulously designed maps have garnered immense popularity, particularly among players traversing versions 1.20 and 1.21. The foray into the sky world promises an exhilarating adventure, albeit one fraught with peril, as users must grapple with the challenge of survival at elevated altitudes.

Furthermore, those endowed with the art of parkour find this undertaking notably more manageable, as it grants them a distinct advantage in navigating this unique landscape.


Crafted with a focus on urban enthusiasts, this map caters to those who revel in the hustle and bustle of mega-cities. The creator has meticulously envisioned the cityscape, capturing the essence of a metropolis reminiscent of New York. A profusion of towering skyscrapers, crafted from glistening glass, and adorned with futuristic embellishments, grace the landscape.

Within the bounds of Minecraft Pocket Edition versions 1.20 and 1.21, this locale provides an exhilarating opportunity for both survival and leisure, ensuring that players can relish the vibrant urban ambiance while embarking on their Minecraft adventures.

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For avid socializers and friend-oriented gamers, this map offers an ideal setting to bond and revel in shared experiences. This unconventional realm is teeming with engaging challenges tailored for Minecraft 1.20 and 1.21 enthusiasts, creating a perfect backdrop for collaborative play.

In essence, it serves as a delightful hub for hosting gatherings and throwing a virtual party. Players have the liberty to extend invitations to their friends, thus ensuring a memorable and enjoyable gaming session together.


Within the bounds of this map, gamers will discover a sprawling, contemporary urban expanse seamlessly melded with a lush jungle environment. This enchanting map extends a warm invitation to Minecraft  users navigating versions 1.20 and 1.21, beckoning them to explore extraordinary landscapes and adapt to unfamiliar surroundings.

Drawing inspiration from a real-life Chinese city, the developer has masterfully transposed its essence into the virtual realm, fashioning a digital homage to the original metropolis.


Enthusiasts of Japanese culture and the allure of Eastern cityscapes will undoubtedly be captivated by the architectural marvels in this map. Drawing inspiration from actual Japanese locales, the developer has meticulously transformed these real-world gems into a captivating digital experience tailor-made for Minecraft versions 1.20 and 1.21.

The architecture in this map is strikingly true to life, harmoniously blending vibrant, colorful blocks, intricate Asian motifs, towering structures, and a plethora of other authentic elements. As players traverse this virtual realm, they’ll find themselves immersed in a vivid and realistic rendition of Japan’s captivating aesthetics.

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Embracing an element of the surreal, this map stands out as a captivating anomaly, with its eccentric edifices that deviate from the conventional urban architecture. For players venturing into the realm of Minecraft BE versions 1.20 and 1.21, this map promises a time-travel-like experience, catapulting them into a future-inspired world.

Amidst this futuristic landscape, towering skyscrapers loom, whimsical structures of unconventional forms dot the horizon, and a myriad of other intriguing elements coalesce to create an otherworldly, almost surreal atmosphere. Players are in for a unique and out-of-the-ordinary adventure that defies the norms of typical cityscapes.


For those seeking a distinctive survival challenge in Minecraft versions 1.20 and 1.21, the installation of an abandoned city map is an enticing proposition. Within its confines lie desolate structures devoid of inhabitants and scant in essential resources.

This desolation creates an eerie ambiance, as if the location has endured an apocalyptic catastrophe, offering players a uniquely immersive experience that tests their survival skills in an environment stripped of the usual conveniences.


This map is tailor-made for connoisseurs of enigmas, thrilling escapades, and unconventional settings. In the realm of Minecraft Bedrock Edition versions 1.20 and 1.21, players will stumble upon a fresh and enthralling locale, where they’ll embark on a quest to unearth intriguing survival necessities and uncover a wealth of novelties.

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Moreover, a hidden gateway to the mysterious End dimension is concealed within, presenting a formidable challenge for those who dare to venture. Locating this portal promises to be no mean feat, adding an extra layer of intrigue to the already riveting experience.


This meticulously crafted map meticulously recreates the ambiance of a typical, comfortable city where one can easily envision a pleasant life unfolding. It warmly welcomes players traversing Minecraft versions 1.20 and 1.21, offering them the choice to take up residence in a house or apartment of their preference, hand-picking from a variety of available buildings.

Every nook and cranny of this location boasts intricate attention to detail, ensuring that it is fully equipped with a thoughtfully designed infrastructure. It provides an immersive and inviting urban environment for players to explore and call home.


Enthusiasts of the captivating steampunk aesthetic are in for a treat with this distinctive map. It unveils an extraordinary cityscape with structures that defy the conventions of reality, bearing the distinct hallmarks of steampunk design.

Survival within this unconventional environment presents a formidable challenge, given that the city’s abodes are suspended in the sky. For intrepid Minecraft users exploring versions 1.20 and 1.21, the ever-present risk of plummeting from these lofty heights adds a thrilling dimension to the gameplay experience.

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