Defeat Throttling and Lag: Optimize Your Gaming Network with a VPN

Author: samanvya Updated on: July 20, 2023

situations where a laggy connection disrupts gameplay, individuals often seek solutions to reduce lag and enjoy a seamless gaming experience. Game lag may arise due to factors such as crowded servers or ISP throttling. However, one effective remedy to bypass these issues involves connecting to a nearby fast VPN server. This approach allows defeat throttling and lag optimization.

Causes of Lag in Games

Gamers often find themselves pondering the reasons behind the lag in their game experiences. In such situations, it becomes crucial to take into account several common factors:

  • Graphics lag. When a game boasts impressive graphics, it becomes imperative to ensure that the graphics card drivers are up-to-date. Using outdated drivers can significantly contribute to game lag and hinder the overall experience.
  • System lag. Games typically come with minimum device requirements to ensure smooth running. If the system is outdated and fails to meet these requirements, it can lead to lag and other performance issues.
  • Network lag may occur if the system and drivers are functioning properly, and the network connection becomes problematic. This can happen due to overcrowding on the network or inadequate connection speeds. In such cases, game lag is a common issue experienced by users.
  • Server lag can also contribute to slow connection speeds, high ping, and game lag. Overcrowding on the default server that the user connects to can be a possible cause.
  • Engaging in high-bandwidth activities may lead to internet service providers (ISPs) throttling users’ connections, resulting in decreased online performance.
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What is the Use of VPN for Your Gaming Network?

While a VPN can be really helpful for improving gaming performance, it doesn’t have to be the case. A lot depends on VPN for gaming. If you choose a great  VPN for gaming ,  then you can get all the benefits listed. Not everyone can provide network optimization. On the positive side, VeePN has proven itself, it has everything to make gaming smoother and of better quality.

Choose the Most Optimal VPN Location

Location plays a crucial role in terms of latency and in-game ping. The distance between a player and the game server can significantly affect the lag experienced. Ideally, connecting to a VPN server that is strategically positioned between the player and the game server helps avoid additional unnecessary hops, ultimately reducing ping latency.

This is precisely why it is always recommended to determine the location of the game server in use prior to selecting a VPN server. To do this, you can go online using  VPN Edge  and see the information on the developer’s website. If not, you can use the ping command on your Windows PC. Failing to do so may result in the inability to choose the most optimal location for the VPN server.

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Bypass ISP Throttling

When an individual’s Internet Service Provider (ISP) detects bandwidth-intensive actions such as gaming, it may result in reduced connection speeds, leading to game lag and buffering during online activities.

Fortunately, connecting to a Virtual Private Network (VPN) can prevent bandwidth throttling. Through the encryption of all online activities, the ISP is unable to differentiate between high-bandwidth and low-bandwidth actions. As a result, the throttling on the connection is typically lifted, allowing users to resume high-speed gaming.

Utilize VPN Intelligent Routing 

Routing plays a crucial role in determining ping and latency levels. When a request is sent to a game server, it follows a designated route to reach its destination. Shorter routes lead to lower ping times, as the message reaches its target more quickly. ISPs typically do not prioritize routing optimization, especially for gaming purposes. This is where a VPN comes in handy. By utilizing predefined static routes, a VPN can effectively minimize lag and latency, resulting in a smoother gaming experience.

Other methods of fixing game lag

Users may seek alternative solutions to address game lag issues. Rest assured, we have you covered. Several methods are available to enhance your gaming experience and minimize lag.

  • Close other apps and programs. To maximize the frames per second (FPS) on your computer, it is recommended to close unnecessary background processes. Running programs can consume system resources and impact the performance of your game, especially if there are resource-intensive tasks like torrenting.
  • Select your server wisely. Using a game server that is in close proximity to the player’s current physical location is highly advantageous for minimizing ping and optimizing performance. Numerous games offer players the option to select their own server or manually set their matchmaking region to connect with fellow players. It is crucial to ensure that the server or region is set as closely as possible to the actual location from where the player is gaming.
  • Check your in-game settings. The user can check the in-game settings to optimize their gaming experience. It is worth noting that specific settings can be adjusted within the game, such as reducing resolution and image quality measures. Although this might result in a slightly less crisp visual appearance, it can significantly improve the overall performance of the user’s system.
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Many methods exist to enhance gaming performance. Utilizing a suitable VPN effectively stands as one of the simplest approaches to bolster bandwidth speed and mitigate various issues that adversely affect the gaming experience. Additionally, optimizing both the network and PC can further optimize overall performance.

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