Dark and Darker Beginner’s Guide for Getting Started

Dark and Darker can be an extremely harsh game, especially for beginners. There isn’t a formal tutorial in the game right now. You are essentially tossed into the deep end with no tutorial to the game’s controls or mechanics. You will learn about the fundamentals of the game in this guide, which will make it simpler for you to start as a beginner.

Dark and Darker: An Overview

In Dark and Darker first-person PvPvE game, you can explore an underground dungeon alone or with up to three other players while attempting to find as much loot as possible. But will you survive the dungeon and escape with your loot intact? Real gamers and several AI evil monsters will attempt to take your valuables. Unless a friend can resurrect you & your body has yet to be robbed, you lose everything if you die.

Choosing a Class

Let’s begin from scratch. To perform as efficiently as possible, you should know each class’s advantages and disadvantages. There are currently 6 Dark and Darker classes available, and more are likely to be introduced later.


This class lets you move slowly while dealing great damage in closer range. Barbarians are naturally resistant to magic, have high health, and deal more damage when using two-handed weapons. He can stun opponents and break doors and containers with his powers, among other things.


Become an expert thief and stealthy person. You creep through the dungeon carrying two daggers and moving at a high attack & movement speed. You are skilled at picking locks and spotting traps. Your health and damage are both low.


The Fighter may be the best option if you’re searching for an all-arounder. This class is adaptable and comes with the majority of armour and weaponry. You can sprint, but spells are not available to you.


The Wizard is a fantastic choice if you wish to play a more supporting role. You can cast spells to assist your squad if you have a staff. But remember that your Mana may run out, and you must replenish them through meditation. Yet, they show themselves to be very effective and formidable in combat. A little trickier to play against at the early levels, but afterwards a lethal combatant.

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As a ranger, you use a bow to eliminate your opponents from a distance. It appears less promising in close quarters, though. With this class, you must exercise extra caution to prevent getting caught off guard by attackers. Nonetheless, you can quickly light bonfires and lay traps.


With this class, one can use holy power to cure and protect you and the other squad members. You can use blunt weapons and plate armour in combat. However, you often don’t deal much harm and are slow, so it’s better to work from the backdrop.

Getting Started

You can enter the Lobby once your character has been created. You can modify your build, view your inventory, and trade anything you’ve gathered. It’s generally a good idea to examine the Perk & Skill submenu under the Class tab before you start. You can check your available skills here and, if you’d like, exchange them for different skills. 

In addition, there is only so much else a new player can do here; the only thing left is to join a game. While on the Play tab, select a dungeon from the bottom left of the screen. If you don’t have any companions to play with, choose The Goblin Cave, a new experimental dungeon in which only solo players can queue. Otherwise, the Forgotten Castle is the best option.

After selecting a dungeon, pick a region and hit Play to get in line. After that, you’ll be placed in a game. There are various things in the game you can purchase using Gold Coins. If you are falling short of these coins, the best way to get them is by purchasing them from MMOPixel.

The Environment

Sound is a crucial aspect of Dark and Darker to consider. Everything produces noise, including players, monsters, doors, and riches. Keep in mind that you, too, generate noise while you walk. So that you can precisely detect your surroundings and make the most of them, you should frequently duck and move slowly. You will be less vulnerable to attackers as a result. To find out how many players are still in the dungeon and when the portal spawns, constantly watch the kill feed. You can then determine your chances of surviving.

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Dark and Darker Combat

You must first master the combat system to progress in Dark and Darker. You will have to learn while on the job because there isn’t an instructional place where you can practice. This implies that your initial attempts at the game will probably fail. Yet, there are a few crucial considerations that will benefit you.

In contrast to melee gameplay in many other games, weapons feature distinct hitboxes that specify how they will behave in specific circumstances. For instance, if you’re confined, you might discover that you can’t swing your weapon effectively since it will hit the wall or something nearby. This is especially likely to occur if you’re playing a large-weapon class like the Barbarian.

You must be mindful of the hitbox system if you are using a shield to deflect an attack. You must position the shield in the right direction to shelter your body from the weapon; simply raising it won’t do it. You could still sustain damage if you time this incorrectly and some of the weapon’s hitbox passes through your shield.

Also, each weapon has a unique set of attacks; therefore, it’s crucial to learn these early on in the game. So the first step to using your weapon in your favour in a combat scenario is understanding how it operates.

The damage you provide to an enemy depends on what portion of their body you hit. The “usual” amount of damage is dealt when hitting the torso. A strike to the head does twice as much damage as a hit to a limb. Hence, in Dark and Darker, protecting your skull from attacks is something you should consider.

As soon as possible, attempt to practice all this with some skeletons or zombies because they are at least reliable and will allow you to become more accustomed to your tools before facing other gamers. In addition, you should quickly put any potions you find into your inventory because they might save your life when you’re fighting.

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The Enemies

You must defeat the various AI-controlled enemies along with the numerous real people. First, learn your different types of opponents’ weaknesses and strengths, and observe how they move. They employ specific attacks that you need to learn and various assault and defence strategies. You may undoubtedly experience a few deaths as a result in the beginning, but with practice, you will become more adept at parrying and striking various enemies.

Focus on your health

You will undoubtedly fail a few times in the game’s early stages. However, you may maintain your health & heal yourself in a number of ways. Healing potions are riches that many gamers enjoy collecting. To preserve your health and be ready for surprises, you should utilize them frequently. Locate and keep in mind health shrines. You can return to them as needed to restore your health. In solo mode, this is especially true. To maintain the group’s well-being, if you’re playing in a team, you must have at least one cleric. Bonfires and surgical equipment are both excellent healing tools.

Escaping the match

Once you’ve amassed a sizable collection of loot, you may want to consider leaving the dungeon to start earning some gold, such as by buy dark and darker gold coins from MMOPixel You’ll need to locate a blue portal, which originally took the form of blue stones, and activate it to use them. You’ll be vulnerable when you access the gateway during the brief period that this takes place.

Be on the lookout since there might be another player nearby preparing to ambush you and steal your loot; steal the portal once it’s opened (they can only carry one player). Red portals are also present, but they will take you deeper into the dungeon. Once you’ve gotten away, you can exchange your loot for gold by selling it to a shopkeeper in the lobby.


Here is the end of our Beginner’s Guide to Dark and Darker. Now that you’ve gone through this, you know what to anticipate when you start playing. Due to the fact that it is written for new players, this tutorial will undoubtedly aid you in learning the game better.

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