Crypto Casino: How To Play For Bitcoin And Cryptocurrencies

Crypto gambling has become quite popular, and more people are looking into it these days. But, admittedly, there are some factors that make the adoption of this type of product a little challenging. For one, people tend to be clueless as to how they can use Bitcoin and cryptocurrencies to play their favorite casino games. According to Roulette77, the process is actually very similar and not much different than what you would expect from “regular” casinos. Let’s take a closer look and see how this works.

How to Get Started with Bitcoin at Casinos?

The first thing you need to do is to understand what cryptocurrencies and Bitcoin is. Bitcoin is a digital token that is decentralized unlike your money – dollars, euro, rupee, or anything else that is issued by a Central Bank.

The Central Bank controls the money supply and more or less – the value of money. With Bitcoin, there is no central bank. This has made it very easy to transact Bitcoin and other cryptocurrencies, as everything is verified by the people on the blockchain and the network. 

So, Bitcoin and cryptocurrencies are essentially money, but they are not burdened by overregulation or oversight by a central authority. This appeals to many people. When you want to play at a casino using cryptocurrencies, the process of doing so is pretty much the same as you would go about playing at a “normal” casino.

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You will register at the website and visit the cashier section. There, you will be asked to convert FIAT money into cryptocurrencies, as many casinos now offer this exchange service built in directly into their websites. Another way is to have Bitcoin ready in a crypto wallet (think of it much like PayPal) and then transact the money to the casino.

This is your balance. Some casinos will offer a different service – they will convert your money into Bitcoin for the purposes of playing, but cash out in FIAT money. The best way is to hold your money in crypto if you are playing at crypto casinos. We recommend picking a casino that is “native” to cryptocurrencies and allows you to gamble directly in your preferred token.

Advantages of Playing with Bitcoin and Cryptocurrencies at Casinos

So, why do people resort to cryptocurrencies in the first place? Well, there are good reasons indeed! Bitcoin makes it much easier to bank when it comes to deposits – and withdrawals. You can get your money almost instantly and this is a huge factor.

Yes, there is a bit of a higher technological entry-level, which means that people need to learn about exchanges and storage – usually cold or hot (cold is preferred), but these are easily taught and it’s not much different than say, using a Revolut, Skrill, or PayPal account. The only core difference is that you use a unique ID, your key, not a password. 

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Plus, cryptocurrency casinos will provide you with massive bonuses. This is true. What you get in the end is a casino that features a 5 BTC welcome bonus, which translates into thousands of dollars worth of currency. The bonusing is indeed much better in terms of size, and often as its basic terms and conditions. In a sense, Bitcoin and crypto casinos have plenty to offer when you come to think of it. They are not necessarily all good, but Bitcoin casinos have some excellent features that are hard to ignore.

Where Do You Find the Most Trusted Crypto Casinos?

Alright, now that you are aware and have a basic understanding of what crypto is and how to find your way around it, it’s time to ask yourself – how do I find myself a great casino that supports crypto payments? This is a great question and essentially what you do want to be doing is to find a trustworthy casino.

To get there, you need to factor in pretty much everything there is about a casino – its reputation, how well it has done by players in the past, what games it offers, and crucially, whether it makes the onboarding for new crypto and Bitcoin players easy enough. These are all important factors that matter a lot when taken in their total sum. This is why you need to exercise some basic due diligence and see what is available at a casino. 

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Conclusion: Play Your Favorite Games

Bitcoin casinos make it possible to enjoy lots of different games. There are many standard ones as well, too. Of course, you will notice that many Bitcoin casinos have games such as Plinko and Dice. These are not necessarily “blockchain games,” but they are inspired by crypto gambling and are very popular. You will know when a crypto casino is really focused on native crypto experiences when you can find these games in their portfolio. 

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