CCIE Lab Booking Process Step-by-Step Guide

One of the two examinations you must pass to earn a CCIE certification is the CCIE LAB exam, which stands for the Cisco Certified Internet Expert lab exam. The written exam is the alternative. The procedures that must be followed while registering for the written exam are the same as those for other Cisco certification exams. However, passing the written exam does not guarantee certification. The CCIE lab test, part two of the certification exam, must still be taken. The steps for scheduling your CCIE Lab exam are listed below.

Step 1: Pass the written CCIE test.

The first part of the CCIE exam is the written test. The lab exam is the second. Because scheduling your CCIE LAB exam depends on passing the writing exam, it is crucial. So, how can you be sure you pass the CCIE written exam before moving on to the lab exam? Enrolling in the SPOTO online certification training classes is one approach to ace the CCIE written exam. All the practice questions and answers are accurate, up-to-date test questions that are 100% authentic. As a result, our business has consistently seen a 100% success rate for clients seeking certification. Plus, it is recommended reading this link.

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Step 2: Verify Test Center Locations

You can complete your application for the CCIE LAB exam once you have taken and passed the written exam. Check the CCIE LAB exam location first so you may choose the testing facility that is most convenient for you. For example, you can schedule your exam in San Jose, California, or Research Triangle Park (RTP), USA, if you reside in the US. Asian test-takers can schedule the exam in Beijing, Hong Kong, Tokyo, Banglore, India, and Beijing, People’s Republic of China. In addition, there is one testing facility for each of the following regions: Dubai, United Arab Emirates; Sydney, Australia; or Brussels, Belgium.

Step 3: Sign in to Your Cisco Account and Complete

The following documents are required:

  • Cisco account
  • Identification number
  • Date of passing the written exam
  • Passing score on written exam

Step 4: Pick an exam date

You can choose a date for your exam after logging in and providing all the necessary information. For example, you may select the earliest date if you have studied thoroughly for the lab test. But if you need more time, pick when you believe you have finished studying for the test. For more information, navigate to this link.

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Step 5: Include payment information

Only wire transfers or credit cards are accepted for fee payment once a date has been selected. After that, other payment methods will only be accepted. If you still need more time to study for the CCIE lab exam, consider signing up for the SPOTO online training course. Regular updates, practice tests, exam coverage that is 100% accurate, the most recent lab exam feedback, round-the-clock technical assistance, an instructional video guide, and a pass guarantee are all included in our course. For the final lab exam, you will receive several CCIE lab topology sets to examine and familiarize yourself with. SPOTO also provides a rental service for lab racks. You can rent a lab rack from SPOTO, though some IT professionals prefer to make or purchase one. You may now easily obtain materials from SPOTO if you want to pass the CCIE LAB exam and search for the most trustworthy and simple-to-comprehend sources.

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