Call of Duty Warzone strategy GUIDE: Plunder tips, tricks, and HOW TO WIN new COD mode

Author: varsha Updated on: January 14, 2024

Call of Duty Warzone is a brilliant game renowned as a shooter game offering challenges at every turn and twist. Plunder and Battle Royale are two modes introduced in the new version of the game. 

When you start playing, Plunder can seem to be quite daunting and confusing. Thus, you need to take help from tips and strategies designed by experts in the form of the best warzone cheats to win this new COD mode. 

Tips and Ticks to Win The Plunder Mode of Call of Duty Warzone

Here are some fantastic tips that can help you get complete information on how to win the new COD mode of Plunder. 

Play the Game Strategically

Plunder is a mode that can be played in various ways, which adds to the game’s fun quotient. For example, you can collect cash by destroying your enemies, finishing the contracts, or simply looting on the map. 

In addition, you can also select from different options to kill your enemies. For example, you can either set up an ambush, blaze your guns, or place yourself on the spots. You can pounce upon unsuspecting enemies trying to get their cash from these spots.

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Get Cold-Blooded and Ghost Equipped

The main goal of Plunder is to seek other players to collect maximum cash. Thus, experts advise you to get equipped with Cold-Blooded and Ghost so that you cannot be found with the help of a UAV or a Heartbeat Sensor.

You can get equipped with Cold-Blooded by kneeling in water bodies on the map. Using these strategies can help you get undetected and protected by spy planes, field mics, and intel. 

Pay Attention To Revenge

Revenge is the ultimate level of every video game, and Plunder is no different. So, for example, when your money gets stolen in the game, your first reaction would be to take revenge. But remember, the player from whom you just stole money and eliminated him would also try to take his revenge.

Thus, if you have just won a fight, try to move away from that location as soon as possible. You eventually get 15 seconds to move out of the scene before any enemy decides to drop back in the scene. You will increase your chances of getting stuck in a circle of revenge otherwise.

Seek Scavenger Contracts

Scavenger contracts are essential to look out for when present on the map. These scavenger contracts show off the valuable locations of supply crates on the map and are thus crucial to the game. 

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When you get Scavenger Contracts, you will receive cash from supply crates as a cash reward for completing your contracts.

Communication is Essential

An essential aspect of playing the Plunder is communication with your teammates. You have few chances of winning if you do not communicate your strategies and plans with your teammates. 

It would help if you conveyed your plan of action, where you will be depositing your cash, and where the chances of getting cash to your teammates in the game are to keep the upper hand. For example, players who do not wish to use their voice chat options can even go for the ping system to convey their thoughts. 

Make Effective Use of Buy Stations

Experts also advise using Buy Stations to purchase items to help you on the way. Though accumulating cash should be a priority, it is also essential to purchase items such as armor plates or killstreaks that can help you in overcoming your enemies. 

When you respawn and drop into the game again, you get two pieces of armor. First, though you can gather more of these armors from enemies and loot drops, you can purchase a stock of five from Buy Stations. This is just one situation where purchasing from Buy Stations can prove more beneficial than any other option.

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Final Words

The Plunder mode of Call of Duty Warzone is full of surprises and entertaining situations for the players. However, since it is a new mode, players may face difficulties understanding how to tackle different situations and use specific skills to their benefit. 

This is where tips and tricks, as advised by experts, come into the picture. So, use these abovementioned tips and get an edge in the game. Happy playing!


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