Beginner’s guide to playing Aviator (SPRIBE)

Author: varsha Updated on: September 6, 2023

SPRIBE took over the crash game industry for having one of the most engaging titles in that category when they released Aviator. Not only is it one of the most widely available by appearance on gambling platforms but it’s also a lot more engaging than its contemporaries. You can play Aviator at some of the best online casinos and here’s what you need to know.

Crash game basics

Aviator follows all of the fundamental rules that define the crash game like being a game of intuition. Place your bet then watch the plane elevate and the multiplier along with it. Cash out at any time during the plane’s ascension and win back your bet multiplied by the current value of the multiplier at the time. 

However, you need to cash out quickly because you will lose your wager if the plane flies away. In other versions of this game, flying away equates to crashing which is why this type of game is called ‘crash’. The best way to play the Aviator game is to have a sharp intuition. If it starts feeling like the plane is about to fly away, then cash out. 

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Features of the game you should maximise

Aviator is simple at its core but it comes with a few features that add new layers to the experience. Here are three of them that you should check out when you play. 

Two betting screens

Aviator gives the player two interfaces. This means you can place your bets twice each round and the result of both depends on the progress of the same plane’s elevation. Both interfaces let you place bets that are independent of each other in both the amount you’re wagering in a round as well as deciding when to cash out. 

Auto cash out

Cashing out can be difficult to do when you’re operating two interfaces at the same time. This feature can help you with that issue while also maintaining a high precision in timing. Input the exact multiplier value that you want the auto cash out to trigger. This is great when you’ve found the sweet spot in Aviator. 

Auto play

If you want a more advanced mechanic than auto cash out, then you can explore the auto play option. This brings up a slightly different menu from the manual version. All changes include the size of your wager, the number of rounds you want it to play on your behalf, and limits in loss or winnings to indicate when it should stop. 

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Auto play lets Aviator work on idle while you spend your time doing something else. Thus, making you more productive as a gambler because this other commitment can be a job or chore. 

Why play the Aviator game?

You should only play online casino games that are fun for you and in that case, Aviator is guaranteed to be on that list. It’s a great crash game from SPRIBE where you can win more consistently than any other slot titles. You can also play the Aviator game using casino bonuses that might grant you bonus money that you can use to place more bets. 

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