Adsterra Network Payment Proof

Adsterra Network Payment Proof Review

What Is Adsterra.Com

Adsterra is one of the best ad networks for those who didn’t get approved on Adsense. This network has a really good converting system. Anyone can make money more money than Adsense if he is working on a low CPC niche.

Because they don’t follow any CPC rates to show theirs offer on publisher sites. Anyone can make smart money if he/she has quality traffics from the European countries. Keep reading this article know all details about


Adsterra Publisher Requirements

The new blogger gets worried about thinking about Adsterra Requirements of Publisher. But the good news is you didn’t have anything to get approval for their network. Even if you don’t have a website, You can use their new Direct-Links to make money online. 

Otherwise, they approve any website in just 1 minute. But the sad news is if you really want to make money from Adsterra. You need to have more than 100+ traffics daily to earn well. Because without traffic, any network never gives you money. But I can make sure you that Adsterra is the best for new bloggers.


Adsterra Minimum Payout

This network has 6 options to gets your payments easily. You can withdraw your money when you’ll reach $5. To get a $5 payment you need to have a Webmoney or Paxum account. I’ll suggest you Webmoney to get your payment fast with low charge.

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Note: Paxum charges $1 for every payment. So, Always Ignore It.


Adsterra Payment Methods

Here is the list of 6 payment methods of Adsterra.

  1. Paypal – $100 Minimum – 5% FEE
  2. Webmoney – $5 Minimum – 1% FEE
  3. Paxum – $5 Minimum – $1 FEE
  4. WireTransfer – $1000 Minimum – $50 FEE
  5. CoinBase – $100 Minimum – NetWork FEE
  6. Tether – $100 Minimum – 2% FEE

You can choose any one of them. But I always suggest Webmoney to get your payment easily with a very low charge. If you didn’t have a Webmoney account. You can open a new account fully free.


Adsterra Commission Type

There has a lot of options to give you a commission for showing their offers. But they mainly pay publishers based on CPI. That’s means they only pay you a high rate when someone downloads any apps or games from your banners. But they also have little CPC rate on banner ads.

Means you’ll get money from clicks too. Actually, the truth is Adsterra is a CPA-based Ad Network. But their offers are really very good. Anyone will be happy to see the results after promoting their offers. Here is the list of commission types of Adsterra.

  • CPA
  • CPM
  • CPI
  • CPL
  • RTB
  • CPC


Adsterra Ad Unit Model

They always said that their Popup & Social Bar ad unit is best to increase earning. But I didn’t believe it. Because I get the best result on Banner ads. Otherwise, Popup will make your website bounce rate.

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So, always try to ignore this ad unit. But You can use their social bar unit to gets more clicks. Social_Bars will be the best for those who have gaming or apps review websites. By the way, check their all Ad Unit Model below.

  • Banners
  • Social Bars
  • PopUp
  • Vast
  • WebPush
  • Native Banner
  • Direct Link


Adsterra vs AdSense Earning

Look, If anyone working on Insurence Niche or Health Niche or Any Good Niche which have a great CPC of keywords. Then should not compare with Adsense. Because Adsense is the best Ad Network In World. Adsterra will give you just $0.50 to $6 per conversation. But Adsense will give you $1 to $10 just for a unique click if you are working on a High CPC niche.

But you can make more money if you are working on low CPC keywords or Niches. Like: News, Biography, Lirycs, Mix, Others. Because Adsense shows their ads by tracking your content. But Adsterra doesn’t follow these rules. So, If you working on a low-value site. Then you can choose Adsterra to earn more than Adsense.


Adsterra Network Payment Proof

A lot of people search on google about Adsterra Network Payment Proof. But they never find a good video or blog that reports can make you satisfy. So, I share my earning reports. In this screenshot, you will be reports of $200+. But if you want to see more earning reports, I can share my friend’s earning too. Now just check the below screenshot. I share there 3 reports in just one screenshot. 

  1. Daily Income Reports
  2. My Total Earning 
  3. Payment Reports.

Open this picture in a new window or download it. Otherwise, you can’t zoom this. And you can’t see the text clearly. Thanks.

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What Is The Best Ad Unit Of Adsterra

Bruda, the good news is this you can make your unit the best if you want. Let me intriduce you to the secret of Adsterra. A lot of people added Adsterra’s ads on their blog. They wait 1-2 days & they can’t make money from there. And thinking that Adsterra is not a good network for him. 

So, where is the trick. Adsterra first time never gives anyone earning. So, what should you do! You can just add one ad unit to your site. The ad unit size is 350*50. It does not take enough place of your site. And now wait 1 month & push traffic every day.

After 1 month later you’ll the magic. You’ll get conversations from Adsterra CPA’s offer. And start earning from them. I hope you understand what I actually say. But though you can comment below if you are facing any problems. We’ll happy to help you.


How To Increase Adsterra Earning

Just use 2 or 3 ad units on your site. And never change them. If you change ad unit you’ll be faced with dropping your earnings for 3-5 days. And this can make you unhappy.

So, never change the ad unit code if you don’t wanna make your day bad.  The best Banner Sizes are 350*250, 350*50, 720*90. Try them to increase your earning.

Note: You can use Popup code if your traffics doesn’t want to stay on your website for a long time. 



Benefits Of Adsterra 

  • The Best Alternative Of Adsterra.
  • The Best CPA Based Ad Network.
  • Easy To Make Money From Online.
  • No Requirments For Approval.
  • Only $5 Minimum Payout.
  • Good CPM Like Ezoic.
  • 2 Times Payment In 1 Month.
  • Safe For Your Website.
  • No Risky Advertisements.
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