6 Surprising Benefits Of A Sexual Massage  

After hours of work and stress, there would be no better way to unwind your day than to receive a calming and sensual massage at the hands of an insanely provocative woman.  

Luckily, you can make this dream come to reality by hiring a gorgeous escort right at your destination. Escorts these days provide all sorts of professional sexual services, erotic massages being one of them. This post discusses some of the surprising benefits of a tantric massage you might not have heard of, besides being immensely pleasurable. Keep reading to find out.  

What Are Sexual Massages? 

As the term suggests, the purpose behind sensual massages is to induce arousal by the means of relaxation and calming stimulation. However, a sexual massage doesn’t equate to sex.  

In a sexual massage, also known as tantric massage, both you and the escort remain naked throughout the session, and the escort massages your sexually sensitive areas to provide pleasure. While the focus of the massage is on the erogenous zones of the client, an erotic massage provides relaxation and calmness to other areas of the body as well. 

Tantric massages are believed to have certain healing and spiritual ailments as well, as discussed below. 

Benefits of Tantric Massages 

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Provides Relief from Insomnia  

If you are suffering from any sort of sleep disorder, consider booking a sexual massage for help. Since erotic massage provides immense relaxation, it might be beneficial in helping you sleep.  

Many erotic massage professionals incorporate acupressure in their sessions. Additionally, a lot of acupressure points have been proven to provide relief from insomnia and other sleep-related issues. Therefore, a sexual massage would be a great way to include some erotica in your massage session. 

Provides Remedies for Sexual Issues  

Another amazing health benefit of a sexual massage is that it helps in rectifying certain sexual dysfunctions that you might have been facing. Sexual massages distribute energy evenly throughout the body and rejuvenate the vital points of the body.  

Therefore, a sexual massage helps in awakening sexual energy and frees the body from any sort of blockages that might be interrupting the usual flow.  

Tantric massages help in providing energy in areas such as the genital and provide the cure for issues like erectile dysfunction. Moreover, these massages also help in improving a person’s natural libido, thereby improving your sex life. This will help you orgasm better and purify the body naturally.  

Provides Greater Flexibility to Muscles and Joints 

Regular massages are known to increase the flexibility of the body and provide relief to the joints and muscles. A tantric massage incorporates sexual elements into your regular massages and provides the much-needed intimacy that lacks in every normal massage.  

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This will help make your sex life even better, by increasing your flexibility, which is a highly required factor in bed. Therefore, these massages are a great way to get fit and receive pleasure at the same time.  

They Help Reducing Anxiety and Stress Disorders 

Another extremely helpful benefit of a sensual massage is that it helps reduce stress and anxiety levels in the body, like any regular health massage. Many studies have shown that the act of stimulating a person’s genitals can help ooze the body and provide relief from the stress they have been holding on to for too long.  

Sensual touches on the erogenous zones of the body can help improve mental health by releasing any blockages, emotional or physical. This is why a sensual massage is a great way to relax after a stressful and emotionally hectic day of work.  

Acts As an Excellent Foreplay  

If you’re looking to hire a sex escort, but want to add spice to your sexual experience, there would be no better way to do it other than by adding sexual massages to your sex routine. These massages act as the ultimate foreplay by providing immense relaxation and pleasure. Furthermore, they also help you get aroused quicker, and make way for an outstanding orgasm.  

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Almost all escorts are professionals at providing excellent sexual massages. However, it is always suggested to discuss your requirements with an escort before the meeting, to make sure that she is comfortable with your needs.  

They Help Improving Sexual Stamina  

As stated above, these massages improve circulation throughout the nervous system, increase sexual desire, strengthen the joints and muscles, and improve your sex libido. All these benefits improve your overall sex life and increase your stamina in bed. Therefore, if you are facing trouble with orgasm, sexual massages are the way to go.  


These were some of the surprising ways an erotic massage could help you in bed. If you are wanting to book an erotic massage but don’t know where to find a sexy woman for the task, you’re on the right page. Head over to Ladys.one and find the most attractive woman to give you the massage you can only dream of!


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